Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Victoria's Secret: Secret Garden Collection

Ultra-Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream
1. Delicate Petals
2. Pear Glacé
3. Strawberries & Champagne
4. Romantic Wish
5. Sweet Temptation

Price: S$15.00 each / ANY 2 FOR S$25.00



Terms & Conditions
Meet-up/Self-collection possible in Bukit Panjang.
Prices inclusive of postage. Additional of S$2.25 for Registered Mail.
All items will be bubblewrapped.

personal feedback: 30+ | 1-
33+ | 0-

Leave a comment with email if interested.  Thanks for looking! =)

Busy week.

I know i've been lacking in my updates. I guess i'm just not meant to be a blogger, let alone a "beauty blogger".

I will get to posting up the pictures of the OnSugarettes meet-up soon. but in the meantime, i've been busy preparing for my bestfriend's wedding. I havent even got a dress yet!! I'm glad the '1920s' theme have been scraped off, else it'll be harder to find a dress. And then there's the headdress to think about. Yes, the bride request that we glam up in fancy headdress (exluding tudung, unless you're already wearing one. :p).

The FIRST wedding for 2010. The FIRST of the ten of us to get married.
I'm excited, so are the rest of the girls. This isnt your typical under the void-deck Malay wedding, so it's gonna be one helluva AWESOME wedding.

For now.. i gotta go pack my make-up bag. I dont even know what make-up to wear!
dangz. this is hard.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheryl Bianca Christmas Gift

Back with another giveaway entry!

So Cheryl Bianca is giving away the above. Pretty neat prices huh? Well, the rules are simple.
All you have to do is be a follower, share this giveaway on your blog, choose one of her Christmas look tutorial & state why you chose it. Do all that & considered yourself entered! And oh, dont forget to leave your link on her entry..

here's mine!

This is probable a common choice, but out of all her Christmas look, i like the 'Smokey Purple Eyes' the most.
Reason is simple.. i've always loved the 'smokey' look, add a little purple and BAM! you've got yourself a great sexy, sultry look. Her techniques are also simple to follow. great for starters like me.. i would probably add a little more black though, just to deepen it a bit.

Oh, i also like this one because it's a versatile look. You can wear this look anywhere, anytime. Not just Christmas! :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NYX Cosmetics in Far East

i've been meaning to post this the longest time.. but keep slipping off my mind.

I'm not sure if anyone knows about this.. but you can actually find NYX Cosmetics in Far East.
They have a wide range of products, more than Guardian, like the single eyeshadows, the Megashine lipglosses and also the round lipsticks! But unlike Guardian, their testers are actually very well taken care off. nothing too disgusting for you to touch.
i did take a picture of it.. but if you remembered, i lost my phone in JB a few weeks back, along with the pictures i took.

For those interested, NYX is available at one of those make-up schools at.. Level 4, i think. I'll include the name when i remember.
Dont ask me prices because i didnt ask.

Go check it out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Coming up next..

(1) An overdue make-up related birthday gift ( i know.. i was supposed to blog it two weeks ago!)

now.. let's just see if i'll get out of my lazy mode.

editted; 22 Dec 2009
seems like my sister already posted my haul!
hah! reason why i'm not a good blogger.. i'm lazy like that!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

MAC Brush Set Giveaway For Subscribers Of The Shades Of U

Fancy getting either of this brush set?
Well, fret not! is having another gieveway with these brush sets as prizes! There will be two winners, and each winner will receive either one.

For more details,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lazy Bones.

oh my.. i've got SO much to blog about.. but i've been having lazy bones! and i've been home online all the time!

Today, is the 18th.
Meaning it's our anniversary. 4th, to be exact..

this is by far.. my favourite picture of Us.
2 years ago, on his 19th birthday.

so anywayyy.. like in a entry i posted few weeks back, November was cruel to me. but December have been good so far, and getting better! It's the last two weeks of 2009. Despite being jobless at the moment, i am still gonna party hard.
Secret Santa gift swap with the girls next week, and then Christmas at Zirca.
Week after that, my girl's solemnisation, wedding dinner & more partying!!

i cant wait.
more sparkly dresses, bright red lips & false lashes ahead!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beauty Ticket (again)

Check THIS out!!
Beauty Ticket kinda featured me on their twitter! How awesome!


(ps: i have a spree opened HERE.)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pump for Foundation.

alright, so awhile back (way before my Bangkok trip), i posted an entry saying that i've found the PERFECT pump bottle for my sister's Revlon ColorStay foundation. As everyone knows, the foundation doesnt come with a dispenser of any sorts. so getting the product out is a little problem because you might end up pouring too much.

i'm a little fussy about the pump i'm gonna get.
I was actually looking for Daiso's vaporised pump. but i guess they dont sell those anymore because i just couldnt find it!

So i tried my luck at SASA.
I didnt wanna get just ANY pump. especially the one with the 'pointed' dispenser. somehow i just dont like that for my foundation. so i was really happy when i found this particular pump bottle.

It's perfect because
(1) it's usual dispenser you see in most foundation bottle.
(2) Unlike the bottle with the 'pointed' dispenser, this comes with a cap. Keeps the dust off!
(3) I like how i can control the amount of product i want. 1 full pump dispense just a nice amount of product.
(4) It's freaking cheap! This bottle cost S$1.55.

I like this bottle SO SO much that i got myself more for my lotions. The smaller versions (S$1.05) comes in different colored dispensor, and OH SO CUTE!

Perfect for travelling or just to throw into your bag/purse.
I think i'll be getting some more!! :)

(ps: is the picture TOO big?)

Friday, December 11, 2009


Beauty Ticket package from my spree just arrived.
Gotta LOVE Beauty Ticket for the way they pack. Everything are so compact and arranged neatly! D

Check out that Smashbox Visionary Lipstick Palette. That's just awesome!! I didnt expect it to be that huge. Makes such a good Christmas/Birthday gift. Now, are you thinking what i'm thinking?


Hello Onsugarettes!

I'm opening another Beauty Ticket spree because my sister wants to get something off her wishlist.

Beauty Ticket is an AWESOME website with AMAZING customer service.
The first time i tried to order, my card was declined 3 times. i almost gave up. but i realised something was fishy when i didnt receive any order confirmation yet money was on hold. so i emailed them. they replied SUPER FAST. turns out they've processed my order manually. of course, i had to reply to say thank you, and in the same email i asked if i could add some more items. again, they replied super fast!

The very next day, i received an email confirmation for them saying that they've shipped out my order. How awesome is that! I was damn surprised because i wasnt expecting that at all. I didnt expect them to work SO fast!

I didnt have to wait long before i receive the package either. It arrived exactly one week after it was shipped. I concluded the spree in 10 days (excluding those spree-ers who took forever to reply).

You could probably tell that i am very impressed with this website!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Seriously, i dont even know why i bothered! Hah!
It's a love-hate relationship right now.

About Barry

Seriously, Barry M online sucks big time.
I opened a spree & and placed two orders about two weeks ago.
Firstly, they cancelled my first order. They said they were unable to process my order as the Address Verification Service could not verify the information provided. The bank could not verify the address details. So my order was cancelled and the money credited back to my card.

Okay, never mind. Since that was the problem, i'm expecting the second order to be cancelled & refunded as well.


They shipped my second order!
How was that possible when the same card was used & the same shipping address was entered for both orders?!
I emailed them demanding an explanation. but NO REPLY. Hell, i was pissed off.

Now, since the order was shipped, all i can do is wait for the package to arrive.
About 10 days later, just a day before i was off to Bangkok, it arrived. But because i was leaving the next day, i wasnt able to check if the order was complete. Only when i return & sorting out order, did i realise that 1 item is missing. I've emailed them & left messages on the FB Wall. Still NO REPLY.

Seriously, their online customer service sucks big time.
Probably not gonna place another order with them anytime soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm rocking Straying!

Just one picture from last night ALL BLACK affair because
what happens at _ _ _ _ _ stays in _ _ _ _ _.

And this picture because i can see my fake lashes. my first time. and it's damn uncomfortable! my friends had extreme lashes with feahers on, going along with the theme. I also had MAC Love Rock Mineralize Blush from the Grand Duo collection on my cheeks.

but my favorite gotta be the lips! i didnt know i would look good in PINK lips. I was rockin' Straying l/s from the Hello Kitty Collection. Topped with Funtabulous dazzleglass. and then later on when it faded, i applied STAGE Persephone lipgloss. (there's no way im bringing my dazzleglass to the club in fear it'll get lost!). i LOVE both combo. they look so sexy!
definitely, gonna wear them out more often. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


just came back from one helluva party and i'm feeling AWESOME!
it's 10:38AM as im typing this & i'm not even sleepy, despite not sleeping the whole night. this is SO not good for my skin. but i dont really care. it's just ONE night and i was having such a GREAT time!

all black outfit, gold eyes and fake lashes on.
met some damn cute guys too but.. why oh why do they have to be SOOO young! like so freaking young it's not even funny!! 4 years apart! that's a NO GO!

but still..
i wish the night would linger longer because i never want it to end!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pump that foundation!

Found the PERFECT pump bottle for foundations that come without pumps. and cheap too!
Will update tonight. that is, if i ever get home. :)


Can my life get ANY worse than this?!

I lost my phone in JB today. so yeah.
November has been cruel to me.
I hope December will be nicer.
Pretty, please? It is the season of giving after all..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fancy a free mascara?

My intention was to head to Nikon Service Centre. but i got lost in the CBD area instead. So not wanting to waste anymore ezlink value, i opt to walk to the nearest busstop -which is Outram by the way-  that provides services to my area. I ended up walking from Tanjong Pagar all the way to Raffles Place.

so in between that journey i dropped by MPH. There i spotted SHOUT magazine, but only because it came with a Free FULL VOLUME INTENSE BLACK Mascara. I took a picture of it. but i cant seem to bluetooth it over to my laptop.
oh well!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay, i have the 'SEPHORA SALE' haul due. but this is more important. I need to let this babies go because i'm in real need of money. not the "i'm broke so i'm on make-up ban" kinda broke. more like "i'm in debt". I had an accident while driving home from the Sephora Sale, so i need cash to pay for the damages. So much that i might even include my Sephora stuffs in the list. I know. It's very disheartening. All my hard earned money, my savings (including the one for BKK) gone just lke that. what's worse was that, it happened a day before my birthday. i ended up not attending my party. my boyfriend's plans for me was cancelled because he need to send the car to the workshop. i was in bed crying for two whole days. well, not so much about the money at first. i was sad i couldnt celebrate my birthday. (talk about growing up!) then i realised.. SHIT! WHERE TO FIND MONEY?!!

so yeah. enough story of my boring ordeal. anyway.
here's the sale.

you might need an LJ account though. i'm still contemplating if i should inlcude my MAC MSFs & Love Rock Mineralized blush. hmmm.. we'll see.

my sephora haul!

there's a few more stuffs that belongs to my sisters. but they already took it. i'm sure my sister is gonna talk about them soon.

i was on an eyeshadow kick. i was gonna get some from Stage but seeing this was a better deal, i went crazy and spent quite a while at the e/s corner. i swear i picked up more mono e/s than you see above. i just had to 'throw' them out after picking up the Pop Beauty eye cakes. they were much more pigmented anyway. even those two took me a long time to choose. the colors were all so pretty! i just had to purchase the nail polishes. M03 Gothik caught my eye since i couldnt get that Grey from Barry M (they cancelled my order! grrrr!). Described as dark smoky gray on the website. I have very flat straight hair. so anything that says VOLUMNIZE & BIG SEXY HAIR, i'm IN! 'nuff said. Didnt pick up any Too Faced products. Seeing how tired my boyfriend was, i just grabbed what i could & paid. well.. what happens after that, wasnt something to celebrate about. *sigh

You've Got Nail November Giveaway!

I know your Onsugarettes LOVE giveaways.
So here's another one! I hope you're not tired of it yet. :)
What you stand to win..

Like the previous giveaway i posted, this one is as simple. You dont even have to do anything! The catch? Be a follower. Well, initially you dont even have to be one. you just need to comment. but i guess she removed that bit out.
Then again, i dont think you'd mind following her. She post awesome swatches!
Dont worry if you didn win the above. There's a 'runner-up' prize. but you gotta check out the site to know more.

Enjoy! :)

Goodbye Beaux, Hello Smokey Look!

I have finally accepted the fact that i lost my favourite lipgloss. I thought i left it in the car. nope, wasnt there. searched my dad's car. nope, not there either.

I was pretty upset when i couldnt find my lustreglass in Beaux. It was the perfect gloss to go with Viva Glam II. I'm not the biggest fan of M.A.C lipglass, but their lustreglass are awesome. I love glosses with brush applicator. doe-foot applicators, not my favourites.

Guess i'm stuck with NYX Smokey Look for now.
but you know what.. I'm actually liking it! :)

Coming up next..

Are you bored of giveaways yet? because i have another one to post up soon. =)
also, my Sephora Sale haul.
and not forgetting.. my blog sale!

all coming right up! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Kronicles of a Konad-er 100 Giveaway!

Yes people! Another giveaway.. interesting much?!

this time around, you dont have to be a follower. just follow the instructions
VERY simple right? Enjoy!!


wow.. i didnt know the people at Specktra.Net are so nice!
I mean, how often do you join forums and then they send you birthday emails? CozyCot didnt.
My day, however, werent the best. In fact, i had the worst weekend ever!

editted: Mon 23rd Nov @ 10:36 AM
well, someone just made my day slightly better.
Today as i was checking my mail, i saw this..

awwww.. thank you [info]houchsn. whoever you are.
i'm not even sure if we've dealt before! =)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cindai by Siti Nurhaliza in Chinese

okay, i know this not a beauty related entry, but i cant help it!
I cant upload the better quality version because embedding is disabbled, but CLICK HERE. you HAVE to listen to the last part..

crazy4mac First Giveaway!

Yes, people! Another one!

I dont know about you babes, but I'm liking what I see..
Estee Lauder Gold Pouch, Coffret D'or RD-57 nail polish, Givenchy Prisme Again! Blush in 04 Charming Violet, NYX Eyeshadow Trio .. oh well, you get the drfit... wouldnt you just lurrrvvvvee to win these stuffs?

well, dont hesitate,

oh, did i mention she makes the best product reviews around?
and no, i'm not saying this to 'up' my winning chances. in fact i just found her onsugar site this morning, and after reading her Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream review, she actually managed to influence me to get it! so yeah, do check her out if you havent! =)


on another note..
Seems like giveaways are the IN thing now..
Well, not that i mind anyway.. in fact, i truly enjoy them!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lip Combo

okayy, so i was playing with the lip products that i have, and..



NYX Long Lip Pencil in Natural & M.A.C Hello Kitty Lipglass in Nice Kitty makes the most amazing combo ever! When i thought of trying this combo, i was hoping Nice Kitty would show as a really bright pink like in the tube. Instead it gave me this very nice, smooth & shiny but subtle coral lips ever!

too bad i cant get a good shot of it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


All right guys.. another onine discount!
I dont know if anyone reads this page, but if you're reading, i hope i'm not tempting you much.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Sigma Dilemma

If you remember a few entries back, I mention that I've purchased SIGMA's Naughty in Black Travel Set. That was in September. Up till this day, i have not touched it. let alone wash it.

The brush set was meant for Raya. With the set, I thought I finally could put some coIors on my eye. But I remembered why I decided not to touch or use it at all. I wanted to sell it. I guess I was a little disappointed. I mean, I spent about SGD80+ for it and it arrived so.... small. But i guess it's well worth it because you get almost exactly dupes of M·A·C brushes at half the price (albeit half the size too!)?

So.. I'm beginning to wonder. Is it about time that I finally use it?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I know this is kinda last minute b/c i just got the e-mailer.
but if anyone is interested in ordering, let me know! I might just open a spree for it. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kawaii Sweetz Belated Giveaway Celebrating 50+ Followers!

Hey y'all!

Like what you see in the picture? Are you drooooooooling already?
Well, (kawaiisweetz) is having a simple giveaway to celebrate her 50+ followers.
And why do i say simple? because it's really SO easy for you to participate! Just click the link below and folllow the steps stated.

so what are you waiting for? Come..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lumiere Cosmetics PreBuy Brush Sale

Lumiere Cosmetics is having their annual (i believe it's annual) PreBuy Brush Sale again. and of course, naturally, i'm lemming for some new brushes. i must be crazy because i have not even touched my Sigma brushes yet!

So my lemmings inlcude the..

Angled Fiber Optic - Synthetic

Angled Blush Brush - Synthetic

Retractable Kabuki - Synthetic

Dome Powder - Synthetic

I believe there might be more. I'm still looking. They have discounts when a certain quantity is purchase. so i think this is a good deal to share. and dont ask why i need two more blush brush. Theyr'e different. at least in my opinion. and how could you resist the when the bristles will be in HOT PINK and Black?! at least that's what they say in the brush description..

Monday, November 2, 2009 Viral MAC Giveaway For Followers and Subscribers

I came home happy today..
because check out what came in the mailbox!

Nope, not another cosmetics purchase. but..........

....a package from Aileen/!!

A couple of weeks ago, she had a viral giveaway on her blog. all you gotta do was to subscribe, and post a link to this entry on any social network you're on. Well, i did just that! I was already a subscriber, so all i did was retweet her Tweet and gave her a link to my page. And then..... using, i was chosen winner!! I was elated of course!

Wanna see what's inside?

carefully wrapped in bubblewrap with really huge bubbles i must say!

1. Blackware glimmerglass
2. Blackfire glimmerglass
3. Blingblack glimmerglass
4. Black Knight cremesheen lipstick
5. Blue Flame mineralize eyeshadow
6. Cinderfella mineralize eyeshadow
7. Wisteria eyeshadow trio (Dame Edna collection)
8. Kirsch mattene lipstick

These are stuffs that I wouldnt probably purchase or wear on daily basis. but I'm happy that i now own them because they're Limited Edition. and without having to fork out a cent! I'm particularly excited about the Glimmerglosses because they're gorgeous.The Dame Edna Wisteria trio was a great addition too. Totally loving it.
Anyway, i dont think there's a need for me to show you how these look like out of the box, or even swatch them because i'm pretty sure you've seen those around.

Oh, i almost forgot to mention. Aileen included a note in my package too!
Yeahh, i actually scanned it for everyone to see!

And since my birthday is coming up soon, this is definitely the best birthday present so far!

Thank you, Aileen, for this awesome giveaway!

And for the rest of you, head down to for awesome looks & tutorials and product reviews!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Collective Haul.

October. Didnt shop much this month. and i'm not referring to make-up only.
Mom & Dad decided that we're going to Bangkok in early December.
so i'm saving up for..... NARS! Boots 07! wooohoooo!

anywaayyy.. as mentioned by my sister in her entry, i went down to the Tangs Warehouse Sale. solely for YSL Cosmetics. i thought this would be a good opportunity to own some YSL before they leave.

MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION Oil-Free Foundation SPF 10 in No. 7 - S$30.00
EVERLONG WATERPROOF Lengthening Waterproof Mascara in #1 Ever Black - S$20.00 each
FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR Pure Lipstick in #59 Golden Melon & #141 Pink Satin - S$20.00 each

got the foundation because i've been using my sister's Revlon Colorstay & it's running out. thought i should just try this out. wore it out the other day. didnt quite like it. maybe it's my application. and i kinda rushed through it because i was running late. will try again soon.

and ooohhhhh.. i LOVE the mascara! i have very short stubborn lashes that wouldnt curl or stay up. the kind that would 'point' downwards if i close my eyes. while this doesnt really curl, it really does lengthen! my sister agrees on this too. i just need to find a good curler now. i do wish i got more mascaras though. the other one belongs to my sister. boohoo..

the lipsticks. my other favourite.
I got #141 Pink Satin & #59 Golden Melon for my sister. i find myself liking #59 now because of the subtle shimmers. they're gorgeous. havent tried or swatched them because i just dont wanna touch them yet. sayang..

small purchase because the shades either dont match me or they just doesnt appeal to me. but pretty happy with it because i never thought i'd ever own any YSL Cosmetics. especially since now that they're pulling out of SGD.

and then last Friday, my family & and i visited Mustafa Centre because Dad wanted to get some stuffs for his China trip. i hauled a little.

got myself the GARNIER UV Protect Advance daily UV blocking lotion for Bangkok. read about it at everbluec. i thought i should try it here first before i actually bring it to BKK, just in case of any reaction. and then CLEAN & CLEAR Active Clear Ance Clearing Gel for my non-stop-popping pimples. i actually grabbed the wrong one, but it actually works on me. so that's fine. lastly, MAYBELLINE Blushstudio Mousse Blush in Pink Marshmallow & Peach Satin because they were 2 for $15. I wanted Berry Delights, but were out-of-stock.

well, that's it for October. I'm really trying to cut down my cosmetics purchase. i really dont need anymore. i wanna stay out of that 'a-girl-cant-have-too-much' of something trend. and i should really stop writing long entries!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

new colors..

i guess this is as far as i could get in terms of customizing this space.pretty much the same layout as everyone else, just different colors. a little dull for a make-up blog, i know. but that's the way i like it. i tried using other themes. but i just couldnt understand the CSS. and i'm an IT graduate. sheeesh.maybe another time. i'll exlpore again.maybe i'll even add a new header. if im not too lazy to design one. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pressing blush

My first attempt at pressing my loose mineral blushes.
and i failed miserably. i end up wasting alot of product instead.
i wouldnt even bother to post pictures up.

boooo!! :(

Friday, September 18, 2009

September-cum-Raya buys.

Woohooo. My first haul entry!
So i didnt really get all these in September. It's kinda collective. They just happen to arrive within this month. At the perfect timing too, just in time for Raya! :)

so i got myself..
Sigma Naughty in Black Travel Brush Set - SGD83.00 aft. shipping
Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream - SGD3.50
Fasio Point Make-up Remover - SGD8++ (aft. disc)
L'oreal True Match Liquid Concealor - SGD12.74 (aft. disc)

and from my NYX spree..
Rouge Cream Blush in Natural
Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Single Eyeshadow in Highlight
and FOUR Ultra Pearl Mania in Nude, Rust, Sky Pink & Walnut.

Cherry Culture was having some 20% off storewide, so i had to get  bunch of stuffs that i've been wanting to try. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural is LOVE. I tried it and totally adore the natural pink flush it gives. I would usually top it off with a light sweep of M·A·C MSF in Petticoat to give me that glow. The rest i've yet to try. Maybe soon, for Raya. :)

I purchased the Sigma Naughty in Black Travel Brush Set because i thought i should finally invest in good quality brushes. I'm not sure if it's all worth it though. The brushes are SUPER soft, no doubt. but the price tag is a little hefty, no? And i'm kinda disappointed about the SS150. Not as fluffy as i thought. SS150 Full Size is however, a different story. It's a really huge, fluffy and soft! Just what i needed for my finishing powder, albeit the too-long handle.


The rest are just random buys.
Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream was purchased after reading Diana aka AdoreBeauty. Her & some other OnSugarettes are raving about it. Found it at my neighbourhood market for only S$3.30 for the 100ml tub, so i figured why not. The other two are purchases from the JL's 10%/20% off promotion with additional 20% off storewide. Mainly my favorites and i'm running out.

So that's it. a bit lengthy, i know. too much for a first time?
I'll try to shorten my entries in the future.
Till the next time! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009