Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheryl Bianca Christmas Gift

Back with another giveaway entry!

So Cheryl Bianca is giving away the above. Pretty neat prices huh? Well, the rules are simple.
All you have to do is be a follower, share this giveaway on your blog, choose one of her Christmas look tutorial & state why you chose it. Do all that & considered yourself entered! And oh, dont forget to leave your link on her entry..

here's mine!

This is probable a common choice, but out of all her Christmas look, i like the 'Smokey Purple Eyes' the most.
Reason is simple.. i've always loved the 'smokey' look, add a little purple and BAM! you've got yourself a great sexy, sultry look. Her techniques are also simple to follow. great for starters like me.. i would probably add a little more black though, just to deepen it a bit.

Oh, i also like this one because it's a versatile look. You can wear this look anywhere, anytime. Not just Christmas! :)


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