Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Busy week.

I know i've been lacking in my updates. I guess i'm just not meant to be a blogger, let alone a "beauty blogger".

I will get to posting up the pictures of the OnSugarettes meet-up soon. but in the meantime, i've been busy preparing for my bestfriend's wedding. I havent even got a dress yet!! I'm glad the '1920s' theme have been scraped off, else it'll be harder to find a dress. And then there's the headdress to think about. Yes, the bride request that we glam up in fancy headdress (exluding tudung, unless you're already wearing one. :p).

The FIRST wedding for 2010. The FIRST of the ten of us to get married.
I'm excited, so are the rest of the girls. This isnt your typical under the void-deck Malay wedding, so it's gonna be one helluva AWESOME wedding.

For now.. i gotta go pack my make-up bag. I dont even know what make-up to wear!
dangz. this is hard.

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  1. ^5 on the "not meant to be a blogger, let alone beauty blogger" haha!

    i have got to be the most laziest and unmotivated blogger :p