Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lumiere Cosmetics PreBuy Brush Sale

Lumiere Cosmetics is having their annual (i believe it's annual) PreBuy Brush Sale again. and of course, naturally, i'm lemming for some new brushes. i must be crazy because i have not even touched my Sigma brushes yet!

So my lemmings inlcude the..

Angled Fiber Optic - Synthetic

Angled Blush Brush - Synthetic

Retractable Kabuki - Synthetic

Dome Powder - Synthetic

I believe there might be more. I'm still looking. They have discounts when a certain quantity is purchase. so i think this is a good deal to share. and dont ask why i need two more blush brush. Theyr'e different. at least in my opinion. and how could you resist the when the bristles will be in HOT PINK and Black?! at least that's what they say in the brush description..

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