Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm rocking Straying!

Just one picture from last night ALL BLACK affair because
what happens at _ _ _ _ _ stays in _ _ _ _ _.

And this picture because i can see my fake lashes. my first time. and it's damn uncomfortable! my friends had extreme lashes with feahers on, going along with the theme. I also had MAC Love Rock Mineralize Blush from the Grand Duo collection on my cheeks.

but my favorite gotta be the lips! i didnt know i would look good in PINK lips. I was rockin' Straying l/s from the Hello Kitty Collection. Topped with Funtabulous dazzleglass. and then later on when it faded, i applied STAGE Persephone lipgloss. (there's no way im bringing my dazzleglass to the club in fear it'll get lost!). i LOVE both combo. they look so sexy!
definitely, gonna wear them out more often. :)


  1. Love the picture!!

  2. hi ehtiffany!!
    I love it too! A totally random shot by my friend, i bet she wasnt even looking through the viewfiner!
    but i'm glad it turned out really nice. :)

  3. agree! loving the picture and your eyelashes! :)

  4. @yanie: thank you! but my lashes were nothing compared to my friends' feathery lashes. i actually liked wearing falsies, and might just wear them often. :)

  5. yes the feathery lashes looks oh so pretty right. but i have never worn falsies out ever b4. hahah im soooo afraid it will drop off. am still experimenting with it at home. hahahaa (:

  6. omg.. i was so paranoid that night!
    i kept asking my friends if my lashes were dropping because they felt SO heavy! i think i pissed them a little. hahaa! and my lid felt kinda 'tight' because of the glue.

    guess i need to find a more natural looking falsies to eliminate all that discomfort!