Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Selling: SIGMA Travel Kit - Naughty in Black

The Sigma Makeup travel kit Naughty in Black contains 7 essential brushes to achieve a flawless look on the go. Take Naughty in Black to your favorite travel destination or keep it in your purse for a quick touch-up during the day or night out. All brushes are individually stored in a stylish leather-like black clutch equipped with a convenient pouch to carry all your must-have makeup items.

SS150 - Powder Brush SOLD
SS168 - Large Angled Contour Brush SOLD
SS190 - Foundation Brush SOLD
SS219 - Pencil Brush NFS
SS224 - Tapered Blending Brush NFS
SS194 - Concealer Brush
SS239 - Eye shading Brush NFS
SS187 - Duo Fibre Brush SOLD

S$11.00 mailed PER BRUSH

Hey everyone, as you can see, I'm selling my SIGMA travel size brush kit. I'm not sure if it'll receive any response because of all the drama about SIGMA MAKE-UP.

Anyway, the reason for selling it is because I've had it for quite sometime already, and have not touched it AT ALL. I don't see me using them anytime soon either. You'll realise that some brushes are Not For Sale as these are the only ones i would like to keep. However, they are ALL yours (Yes! All 8 brushes + brush roll!) if you're interested in getting the whole set. I'm selling at the price I got it for (inclusive of shipping), so no bargaining please.

So... Leave a comment with your email address if you're keen.
Or just leave me an email!

Thank you for reading! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Angmogirl’s anniversary GIVEAWAY! :D

Bourjois products up for grabs!
I've participated. How about you?
More details HERE:


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Haul: We splurged!

So last Saturday, boyf and i decided to go shopping since it's PAYDAY! Neither of us got what we were looking for. Instead, we splurged on skincare!

Boyf had a really bad breakout, which left some scars on his face. It's really hard to convince him to try a product despite having good reviews. So i'm pretty surprised that he wanted to try the Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. I really do hope it works on him because he's been self-concious about his skin lately. Men wanna look good too, ya know..

I wanted to get the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado as i've been eyeing it for quite sometime. Laura/lollipop26 had a positive review on it, and as always, i get easily influenced by her. Adore her so much. But I ended up getting the Abyssine Eye Cream, as it was a multi-purpose eye cream/treatment (as claimed by the SA) compared to the other one, which only hydrates. I just hope it works well because now i'm wishing i got the creamy Avocado one.

I guess it was a pretty much an impluse purchase. but hey, there was 20% off storewide.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A (tiny) Haul from Earthen Glow Minerals

So sometime in early January, i placed an order with Earthen Glow Minerals. I was in the mood to try out mineral foundations, and was researching on companies when i came across this particular one. They had a FREE sample kit of their mineral foundations which inlcudes ALL shades under the skintone and finish of your choice. You only need to pay for shipping, which was USD3.95. I didnt wanna pay that amount for a free kit in sample baggies, so i added another 5 piece sample kit and a solid perfume since they were having 30% off.

The package arrived about 3 weeks later, which i guess i didnt really mind. It's understandable that processing time will be a little slow since they just had a massive sale and response would be overwhelming. What bothered me was the condition my items came in. The packaging was dirty, products were spilling and it made quite a mess. When i took the jars out, i found out the cap were not tightly screwed! I can literally 'lift' the cap up to open up the jars..

So i emailed them about it and 4 days later, they replied. In the email, they said..
We apologize for the items that were received in poor condition. 
Please let us know what you feel is a reasonable solution to this issue so we may satisfy you completely.
We await your reply."

Seems reasonable, right? Thing is, i do not know what is a 'reasonable solution'.
Should i reply them back or just let the matter go?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hit pan on my Studiofix Powder!

Hello people!
I haven't been blogging much, have i? No time lahh.. Got home so late everyday, too tired to blog.

Anyway, i finally hit pan on my Studiofix Powder! After like more than a year of usage.. Well, it hit pan a few months ago, but it doesnt seem to finish! As you can see, i still have some left, which could probably last about 2 weeks more?

I need to get a replacement asap because i dont wanna run out before i get a new one. but thing is, I'm not sure if i wanna get the exact same product. I don't think i'm ready to spend S$44 on a compact powder/foundation for now. I want to switch, but i have NO idea what to get. I've been thinking about ZA lately, since they've got quite a number good reviews.

But before i spend some money, i wanna hear suggestions.
What product would you recommend that works equally the same as MAC Studiofix Powder, but for lesser money?