Saturday, August 21, 2010

John Little Extra 20% OFF Storewide

haiyaa... Should've waited before buying that Revlon Suede Gray nail polish.
hmmm, maybe this is a good time to try Revlon Photoready Foundation?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

SWATCH: TBS Autumn Leaves Compact

A few days ago Rusty (musicplayson) blogged about Autumn Leaves Compact from The Body Shop's new Limited Edition Autumn Trend Collection. She mentioned how much Berry reminded her of M.A.C Petticoat MSF. Since I have an outlet near me and I needed to collect some samples anyway, I went down with Petticoat along with me to do some swatches.

L-R: Petticoat swirled, Berry swirled, Last 4 swatch - Berry individual swatch

As you can see from the top photo, when swirled together, Petticoat & Berry is very very close. But not quite identical. I'm not good at describing colors at all, so i wont try. but I hope you can see the difference. Berry is more pigmented and not as metallic as Petticoat. However, if you swatch on the raspberrveinings on Petticoat, the shade is very very similar to the darkest shade in Berry. So, it's a close match, but not quite a dupe. Still good to have if you do not want to fork out S$46 for Petticoat.

Chestnut however, is another story. It is such a good dupe for......

Top: Cheeky Bronze MSF
Bottom L-R: Chestnut swirled. Last 4 swatch - Chestnut Individual Shade

....... Cheeky Bronze MSF!! I'm not kidding you! Not sure if you can see in the photos, but they are almost identical! You can hardly tell the difference in real life. The only difference is Chesnut is much more pigmented and much less glittery than Cheeky Bronze. For those who missed out on Cheeky Bronze but really want it, you should totally get Chestnut. It's totally worth it at S$32.90 (only S$29 if you're a LYB member!!). I think it's versatile too because they would make beautiful eyeshadow colors.

So did i get any?

Well, not this time. Cant justify getting something that I already have in my stash. But who knows... if there's a promotion. Because i'm starting to really like Chestnut. :)

So... I hope this post helped, even though I am totally crappy at describing the colors or doing comparisons!

Before i end this.. to everyone who dreads going to the office tomorrow, i hope you enjoy this video!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Make-up for Sale! - Updated 14th August 2010

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Uptempo Plum - ~95% left S$11.50
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark MATTE S$10.00

The Face Shop
1. BR801 - ~80% left
2. OR205 - ~95% left
3. 2. GR301 - Brand New
Price: ALL 3 for S$5.50 MAILED.

POP BEAUTY Eye Cake in Brown Eyes S$9.00

Oblique Shading Brush
Shade: -
Price: S$15.00

Orgel Light Eye Base
Shade: White, slighlty shimmery
Left: Lightly Used SIB S$10.00
Right: Brand New in Box S$11.00

Colorful Mono e/s in mat No 08 (Matte Grey) & chrome No 02 (Metallic Purple)
Blush Me! in brun No 12
ALL three for S$20.00 MAILED - All brand new SEALED

Hydrating & Smoothing Foundation in D33 (warm toast) - ~95% left S$25.00

All lightly used, please see photo for usage. Will sanitize applicator before mailing out.

(Top to Bottom)
1. NYX Round Lipgloss in Pinky Natural  - Tried 1x S$3.50
2. O2Skin Sheer Fantasy Lipgloss (cant rememeber shade) - New, Unused S$5.00
3. e.lf Hypershine Lipglosses:
Blossom & Joy - Used S$1.00 EACH
Cloud Nice & Honey - New, Unused S$2.00 EACH

(Top to Bottom)
1.Fasio Lipstick Sheer Glossy in 872 Coral Lily S$5.00
2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in 415 Pink In The Afternoon
3. NYX Round Lipstick in Rea
4. NYX Round Lipstick in Fig
5. NYX Lips in Peach Love
6. NYX Lips in Spoiled
4. Toast - LPL15 (Long Lip Pencil) SOLD

Dazzleglass creme in My Favourite Pink - Used 1-2x SIB S$15.00
Alice+Olivia Dazzleglass Creme in I.Want.Candy - BNIB Not Available in SG S$30.00
Mattene Lipstick in Kirsch - Brand New but no original box S$28.00

Make Up Store
1. PYRAMID - Swatched once SIB S$9.50
2. Dazzling - Brand New in Box S$10.00


Do Google for swatches. Request for pictures if you're interested.
All products will be sanitized by wiping off top layer with alcohol before mailing out. :)

Terms & Conditions
Meet-up/Self-collection possible in Bukit Panjang.
Prices inclusive of postage. Additional of S$2.25 for Registered Mail.
All items will be bubblewrapped.

personal feedback: 30+ | 1-
33+ | 0-

Email me @ or just leave a comment here if interested! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jazz(ed) it up with Petticoat & Stereo Rose


I thought I was still in my dream when I heard someone calling my name. And then it's started to sound real. Suddenly, i heard my grandmother's voice... "FATIN, POSTMAN DATANG" ("Fatin, postman come"). My eyes flew open and i quickly jumped out of my bed. I knew it's here. The Big Black Box. IT'S HEREEEEE!!!

HAHAHAHA. just a bit of story-telling there.

M.A.C, oh M.A.C.. how I wish you were mine..


Petticoat vs Petticoat

I dont know how many of you noticed, but while sorting out the goodies, I decided to bring out my Petticoat and did a little comparison. I already own Petticoat from the Sheer Minerals (SM) release in 2008. I realised that there is a slight difference between the old Petticoat & the new one. I find that the Petticoat I have is lighter, and the In The Groove (ITG) Petticoat contains more pink glitter making it more pink-er. Looks more frosty too I've included some photos below. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Note that this comparison is only based on what I see from the packaging. It might or might not swatch differently, I dont know. These are not mine so I am not gonna open them up or do swatches.

Top, Left: SM Petticoat Right: ITG Petticoat
Bottom, Left: ITG Petticoat Right: SM Petticoat

Right: ITG Petticoat
Left: SM Petticoat

This one I'm adding just for fun, since I am already at it.
I know the arrangement of the Petticoats are not consistent. I was shooting from different areas in my house, just to get the best lighting.

I dont know if you can see the difference in the photos. But just let me know what you think, yeah? And for those who own both SM & TG Petticoat, maybe you could do a swatch to see if there is any difference.

Thank you for reading! (",)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SWATCH: My Red House MUA Lip Rouge

L-R: 08 Crimson, 17 Flame (LE), 03 Praline, 09 Pecan, 01 Barely, 04 Chili

So Ramadhan's here, and today is our first day fasting. It's 5.19PM right now, and about 2 hours more to go before we break our fast. Am i hungry? Nope. Am i bored? H*ll Yeahh! Damn sleepy too. So what did i do?

I went to my mom's room to play with her lipsticks, like always whenever i am bored. (i know, i'm still a kid at heart). Before I know it, i start swatching all her MUA Lip Rouge. Yepp, it's ALL hers.

L-R: 01 Barely, 03 Praline, 08 Crimson, 04 Chili, 09 Pecan, 17 Flame (LE)
Natural Light, No Flash

Indoor, Natural Light, No Flash
Same order as above

Indoor, Natural Light, No Flash Again
Same order as above

I did capture one with flash, but it didnt appear too well. So not gonna include that one here.

My Thoughts: These lipsticks are really creamy. They go smoothly on the lips. And very pigmented too. They're nice to use. But if you're gonna ask me if I am gonna purchase more, my answer is... nope. unless there is another sale. There is no way I am gonna pay S$24.00 for a 1.40g product.

Thank you for reading! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Barry M Nail Paints

L-R: Mushroom, Berry Ice Cream, Pink Flamingo, Mint Green

Some of you may have realised that I posted an entry about Barry M's 25% off Summer Special Offer sometime back. I thought that was awesome and was set to place an order with my sister. But to my dismay, the colors i wanted are ALL out-of-stock. Just not my luck, i thought. I dont know what made me check, but to my surprise they restocked the colors i wanted! Good and Bad news for me.

I am kinda in a dilemma because I set myself a budget, meaning i can only pick 3 out of the 4 shades of nail polish that i've been eyeing on. I'm leaning towards Mushroom & Pink Flamingo, but couldnt decide between the other two.

Now.. if it was you, which 3 colors would you have picked for yourself?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drugstore Necessities

Dont you just hate it when you walk into a store to pick up ONE item, and end up picking up a basket because your hands cannot hold anymore items?

In my case, it was just 3M Nexcare Acne Patch. Love this stuff. Then i saw Heal Pharm's Pore Pack. It's S$1.95, so have to pick it up, right? I was running out of my ACNES one anyway. Check out Anoynomous Bosch's review on Nixoderm. Her review made me wanna try it too. And since I was at Watsons, i kinda need to top-up to S$10.00 to qualify for the points. So that is where the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film comes in. End up spending S$15++ which means 3 points!! hahaa.

The Nude Cotton Pads, i got from John Little sale at Causeway Point. I thought 6 for S$8.00 was a good deal. A little pricier than the one from SASA which i'm currently using. but that one is a little........ berbulu (sorry, lack of a better word! i really dont know how to describe. help?) when you wipe across your face.

Of course, while i was at it, i couldnt help to grab this nail enamel. It was such a lovely shade, even though there was no testers in stores for me to swatch. The swatches online are enough to suck me into buying this. Plus 20% off at John Little, i couldnt resist!

'This' is Revlon's Gray Suede. The shade is a lovely nude on me, and even lovelier to apply. Will post swatches when i wear it out tomorrow, though i am sure it's not necessary.

I really have no idea why I need to justify my purchases here. but i guess it's not really about justifying them.. it's just fun to do! hehee..

So thank you for reading. Happy Wednesday, ladies!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Barry M Summer Special Offer - 25% OFF

Barry M is currently offering 25% off storewide.
I think I might place an order for myself.
So I'm jsut wondering.. Would anyone be interested to ride on my order?

Let me know! :)