Wednesday, July 28, 2010


....or a waste of money?

Anyway, I was inspired by lillgoddess's MSF collection entry, so I decided to post mine up too. Of course, mine isnt as impressive as hers. I've only got 4!

Top: Smooth Merge, Stereo Rose
Bottom: Petticoat, Cheeky Bronze

Color true-est to the second picture.
Can you guess which one is my first?


So my first MSF is Petticoat, which I got at USD18.75 during the 25% off F&F sale last year. Pretty good deal, huh? Wish I got more MSFs! But I didnt know what and how to use MSFs then. Regretting it abit, but oh well.

And then some time last year the Colour Craft Collection came out, and i got someone from CozyCot to CP Smooth Merge for me as I wasnt able to get it instores. I would never thought I'll fork out FULL retail price for MAC (I was a spree whore back then), but I did. Just for the sake of a MSF.

Cheeky Bronze was next, purchased at the MAC Private Sale sometime in March. This was a damn freaking good deal. CANNOT MISS.

The latest edition is obviously Stereo Rose. OMG. Need i explain this one?!

So there you go, my MSF collection. Small, but makes me happy just the same.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Little Black Box.

Finally arrived this week. The Stereo Roses are from Nordstrom. I ordered as soon as the collection is up when the ones at went Out of Stock.

None of these are mine though. My Stereo Rose from M∙A∙C was on backorder (but i checked, and it's been shipped! yeayy!). okay, maybe for one.

So i got myself the I.Want.Candy Dazzleglass Creme. I dont know why I got this, but probably because I thought it was unique. But somehow I am a little disappointed. I mean, I thought it would be BRIGHT, almost neon-green like most pictures i saw. Like the one in Temptalia. But what i have in my hand is just a blah sunny yellow. It doesnt even look interesting. Even redberried's I.Want.Candy looks nicer.

Could it be because I placed it on a black background? Could be.
But it's still a boring yellow on my hand to me. oh well.

the little things she needs

My new favourite store at ION.
The accessories are SO freeeeaking affordable! Like nothing is beyond S$20.00. What's not to love, right?!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Collective Haul!

So i finally got this up.. been procrastinating. I've spent alot this month. and it's bad. Blame it on the sales and temptations on OnSugar. I've totally NO self-control man!! And all of the above started with one innocent purchase...

Yepp, NARS is the culprit. This was purchased way back during the Beauty Ticket Private Sale. I saw Jasmine's tweets, asking if anyone wanted to get anything. I've always thought my first NARS purchase would be a blush. But they wont have any on the sale. They had cream blushers, but in not so exciting shade.

I ordered the Powder Foundation with SPF 12 and PA++ since i ran out of my MAC Studiofix Powder. Not many shades left either. So using Temptalia's foundation matrix as reference, I picked it up in St Tropez. I've only used this once since I collected it from Hudy. I didnt really like it, but I'll give it another go when my skin is better.

Daiso in Bukit Panjang just opened last month, so i had to check it out, right? I didnt include these two in the group shot because i totally forgot. I wanted to show you guys the instructions on the back of the cleansing pad but my scanner wont scan it! It was so funny! The blush came in a few shades, but i picked up the neutral brown shade for days i dont want too much color. As you can see, it's almost the same shade as my skin so obviusly it wont show up on my face. The highlight shade is pretty though. Might end up using this as eyeshadow instead.

Top: Eyeliner in Pewter Performance & Backstage Black (S$6.00 ea)
Bottom: Wonderlust Moisturising Lipstick in Paris & Monica (S$7.50 ea), Wonderluxe Satin Matte Lipstick in Pastel Posy (S$6.90ea)

And then there's STAGE Moving Out Sale at Suntec City. I missed the one at ION so i made it a point to go to this one. I wanted to go crrraaaazzzzzyy. But i stopped myself. I didnt get Monica during the sale, but with Bazaar Magazine instead. It's still brand new, so i thought I'll just include it.

I'm having problems uploading photos of the rest of my haul. I'll update this post once I'm able to upload them. :)


Friday, July 16, 2010


Nothing interesting in particular. Just felt sharing a picture of my girls.
10 girls, 10 different personalities.
We met back in secondary school, from 3 different classes. There might be times when i'm just slightly unhappy with them.. but I love them all, just the same!

In the meantime.. check out what i've been up to!

I've been a very very bad girl! Hauling like there's no tomorrow! And it started with one innocent purchase....

Make a guess which one!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TheShadesOfU.Com Sweepstakes For Subscribers and Followers!!


So you'll either with MAC Stereo Rose MSF or the both the MES you see above. The rules are SIMPLE. And like i said before, you wont regret subscribing to her. Her reviews are amazing. And if you're a mineral make-up lover, consider these a treat because she reviews mineral make-up from MANY different companies!

CLICK HERE to participate!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cocomotion's Giveaway Numero Uno!

Nothing complicated. All you have to do is fill in your details, and answer a simple questions. The prize?


Participate HERE. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where's the pot of gold?

This is not beauty related at all, but it is a beautiful thing. I just thought I'd share. I'm sure some of you managed to enjoy the small but very very pretty rainbow. I took about about 16 photos as I watched the raimbow slowly fade away..


Saturday, July 3, 2010

M.A.C Alice + Olivia Collection: SPREE OPEN

I was not gonna do a MAC spree because a few others here on OnSugar already one. But I realised that the Alice + Olivia Collection is NOT gonna be released here in Singapore. Have you seen the packaging? It's not the most amazing packaging, but the boxes are cute! There's a few stuffs that I wanna get from this collection & since it wont be out here, a spree is needed.

I've opened my spree in my livejournal account but dont worry, you dont need an account to post your order. I will start ordering once the collection is out. Happy spree-ing. :)