Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Collective Haul.

October. Didnt shop much this month. and i'm not referring to make-up only.
Mom & Dad decided that we're going to Bangkok in early December.
so i'm saving up for..... NARS! Boots 07! wooohoooo!

anywaayyy.. as mentioned by my sister in her entry, i went down to the Tangs Warehouse Sale. solely for YSL Cosmetics. i thought this would be a good opportunity to own some YSL before they leave.

MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION Oil-Free Foundation SPF 10 in No. 7 - S$30.00
EVERLONG WATERPROOF Lengthening Waterproof Mascara in #1 Ever Black - S$20.00 each
FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR Pure Lipstick in #59 Golden Melon & #141 Pink Satin - S$20.00 each

got the foundation because i've been using my sister's Revlon Colorstay & it's running out. thought i should just try this out. wore it out the other day. didnt quite like it. maybe it's my application. and i kinda rushed through it because i was running late. will try again soon.

and ooohhhhh.. i LOVE the mascara! i have very short stubborn lashes that wouldnt curl or stay up. the kind that would 'point' downwards if i close my eyes. while this doesnt really curl, it really does lengthen! my sister agrees on this too. i just need to find a good curler now. i do wish i got more mascaras though. the other one belongs to my sister. boohoo..

the lipsticks. my other favourite.
I got #141 Pink Satin & #59 Golden Melon for my sister. i find myself liking #59 now because of the subtle shimmers. they're gorgeous. havent tried or swatched them because i just dont wanna touch them yet. sayang..

small purchase because the shades either dont match me or they just doesnt appeal to me. but pretty happy with it because i never thought i'd ever own any YSL Cosmetics. especially since now that they're pulling out of SGD.

and then last Friday, my family & and i visited Mustafa Centre because Dad wanted to get some stuffs for his China trip. i hauled a little.

got myself the GARNIER UV Protect Advance daily UV blocking lotion for Bangkok. read about it at everbluec. i thought i should try it here first before i actually bring it to BKK, just in case of any reaction. and then CLEAN & CLEAR Active Clear Ance Clearing Gel for my non-stop-popping pimples. i actually grabbed the wrong one, but it actually works on me. so that's fine. lastly, MAYBELLINE Blushstudio Mousse Blush in Pink Marshmallow & Peach Satin because they were 2 for $15. I wanted Berry Delights, but were out-of-stock.

well, that's it for October. I'm really trying to cut down my cosmetics purchase. i really dont need anymore. i wanna stay out of that 'a-girl-cant-have-too-much' of something trend. and i should really stop writing long entries!!

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  1. woohoo wat a haul!! drooling again.HAH (: