Wednesday, December 9, 2009

About Barry

Seriously, Barry M online sucks big time.
I opened a spree & and placed two orders about two weeks ago.
Firstly, they cancelled my first order. They said they were unable to process my order as the Address Verification Service could not verify the information provided. The bank could not verify the address details. So my order was cancelled and the money credited back to my card.

Okay, never mind. Since that was the problem, i'm expecting the second order to be cancelled & refunded as well.


They shipped my second order!
How was that possible when the same card was used & the same shipping address was entered for both orders?!
I emailed them demanding an explanation. but NO REPLY. Hell, i was pissed off.

Now, since the order was shipped, all i can do is wait for the package to arrive.
About 10 days later, just a day before i was off to Bangkok, it arrived. But because i was leaving the next day, i wasnt able to check if the order was complete. Only when i return & sorting out order, did i realise that 1 item is missing. I've emailed them & left messages on the FB Wall. Still NO REPLY.

Seriously, their online customer service sucks big time.
Probably not gonna place another order with them anytime soon.


  1. Oh my. They totally sucks.

  2. i have the same bad experience with them!!!

    after a lot of hoo-ha they finally managed to charged my card using the cv2 verfication thingy and it has been 1 week now, have not received my order, i hope they dont screw up.

  3. @purplio: my 2nd order took 10days to arrive.. so dont worry about that.

    but they DID approve your order? how did you do it?!
    they didnt even reply to ANY of my emails!!

  4. they cancelled my order initially cos of the AVS thingy, i emailed them, but they nv replied, so somehow another onsugarette found their FB fan page, i left a "not-so-nice" msg there and they had the cheek to refute me, nvm abt that, shortly after that, someone from Barry M contacted me and after a few emails, we managed to settle on trying to use the cv2 verification thingy to verify my CC instead, 1st card was declined for no reason, and 2nd card that i gave them went thru and was charged.

    so now i am waiting anxiously for the barry m order to come, not funny when i am responsible for others ppl orders too :(

  5. I left a comment on their FB page too.. I'm Ftn H Kmsn there.
    but they seems to be doing nothing to me order either..