Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay, i have the 'SEPHORA SALE' haul due. but this is more important. I need to let this babies go because i'm in real need of money. not the "i'm broke so i'm on make-up ban" kinda broke. more like "i'm in debt". I had an accident while driving home from the Sephora Sale, so i need cash to pay for the damages. So much that i might even include my Sephora stuffs in the list. I know. It's very disheartening. All my hard earned money, my savings (including the one for BKK) gone just lke that. what's worse was that, it happened a day before my birthday. i ended up not attending my party. my boyfriend's plans for me was cancelled because he need to send the car to the workshop. i was in bed crying for two whole days. well, not so much about the money at first. i was sad i couldnt celebrate my birthday. (talk about growing up!) then i realised.. SHIT! WHERE TO FIND MONEY?!!

so yeah. enough story of my boring ordeal. anyway.
here's the sale.

you might need an LJ account though. i'm still contemplating if i should inlcude my MAC MSFs & Love Rock Mineralized blush. hmmm.. we'll see.

my sephora haul!

there's a few more stuffs that belongs to my sisters. but they already took it. i'm sure my sister is gonna talk about them soon.

i was on an eyeshadow kick. i was gonna get some from Stage but seeing this was a better deal, i went crazy and spent quite a while at the e/s corner. i swear i picked up more mono e/s than you see above. i just had to 'throw' them out after picking up the Pop Beauty eye cakes. they were much more pigmented anyway. even those two took me a long time to choose. the colors were all so pretty! i just had to purchase the nail polishes. M03 Gothik caught my eye since i couldnt get that Grey from Barry M (they cancelled my order! grrrr!). Described as dark smoky gray on the website. I have very flat straight hair. so anything that says VOLUMNIZE & BIG SEXY HAIR, i'm IN! 'nuff said. Didnt pick up any Too Faced products. Seeing how tired my boyfriend was, i just grabbed what i could & paid. well.. what happens after that, wasnt something to celebrate about. *sigh


  1. Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. Hope you're fine now. Cheer up, love. *hugs*

  2. I'm fine, now. but haiya.. money money.
    right after the wake-up call, i went digging for all my duit selit (i have a habit of keeping money in many places for that JUST IN CASE purposes) and i was surprised it actually amounts up to 1K!

    but now thinking where that money have to end up, i cant help but be mad at myself.

  3. hey do cheer up a little ya. at least your okay. there is something that money cannot buy. :) but i have to agree that it is really frustrating to part with your hard earn money just like that kan. :(

    and my god, i do hide my money for incase puposes as well, but i doubt its up to even a 100 and you have 1000! you're good! haha.

    neways, takecare you (:

  4. glad you're ok babe, not too worry, i had a few accidents myself, i understand how u feel =)