Saturday, January 16, 2010 $1.00 Sale - LAST CALL, Closing early!!

Just wondering.. would anyone be interested in a spree?
I browsed, and there's things that i would like to get for myself.

Let me know! :)

Editted on 17th Jan, Sunday
Thank you for your interests, babe.

Decided to close early, because i figured out if i were to wait till i have USD100 of orders, then i will have to distribute 100 items. that's crazy!!
so last order on 21 Jan, 2200hrs! Will place order on the same night.
so hurry up if you're intrested!

ps: dont worry, you dont need an LJ account to post an entry. just make sure you enter a valid email address. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Liner Effect.


Ignore the 'rant' at the start of the entry, but i thought the post about the liners is pretty interesting.

on another note..
oh, and i read on that community too that there probably wont be any MAC F&F or Sumo Sale happening anytime this year. sad.... :(
They had it TWICE last year, and both time i went crazy. 4 batch(es) of order on both times. tell me that wasnt crazy enough!!

That 'Halal' Kiss

01 January 2010
Solemnisation at Masjid Sultan

This is a totally random post, but i thought i'll just post it up because i find this particular picture just exceptionally beautiful.

The Bride, she looks so beautiful that day. I was awed, really.
Especially since she's not the kind who puts on make-up every single day. I dont think she even owns a liquid foundation, until the day she gets engaged that is. So to see her fully made-up for this wonderful occasion is truly breathtaking.

i've always believed that when you're always wearing thick make-up, foundations and all that heavy eye make-up, people will get used to the way you look. and on that special day, you wont look any different. just the same you... on any other day.

So, i'm trying to 'cure' my face and put on less make-up. i'm trying to stay away from foundations on normal days even though i have massive imperfections right now. just because i wanna look special on my wedding day..
Seri Pengantin, the Malays call it.. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Swan Nails & a Late LOTD

So last Thursday, i went to do my nails for my friend's wedding. Me & another girlfriend visited SWAN NAILS at Far East Plaza for their Express Manicure service. For the life of me, i couuldnt remember what color i picked, but it's by OPI & it's a dark red glossy (?) color. It's been a week now, & my nails HARDLY chipped. I meantioned hardly, b/c one did. probably b/c i've been rough with my hands.

It's not my first visit there, & i really do like they've been doing.
If you visit them during non-peak hours, you'll probably be surprised the moment you step in. The manurists are practically lazing around on their VERY comfy armchair watching Taiwan (i think) shows on TV. They're Vietnamese by the way. but they are really nice & lamely funny.

I remember a conversation my friend had with her manicurist one day..
Z: so, where are you from?
Manicurist: Ah, MY MOTHER!

I know, lame right. but it was funny at that point of time. probably b/c of the way she said it with all her might.

So  anyway, i mentioned an LOTD on the title. I never intended to post this picture up, but i was browsing through my gallery & thought why not. I really wanted to show my lip for the day anyway.

Pardon for the low quality pictures. These were taken using my mom's 5MP phone camera.
Dress was made by my mom a day before the event b/c I couldnt find a nice, affordable dress at the last minute.

So there's my simple barely there make-up.
Practically no eye make-up except for eyeliner & fake lashes. Time constraint b/c there were 10 girls in the hotel room & we only had 1 hour to wash up, get dressed, make-up & all that. but the "star" here are my lips. I had YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ in #16 Red Temptation on.

I kinda like it. I thought it looked alright. At first I was really paranoid, keep asking my friends if my lips were alright as I wasnt used to wearing red lips. But as the time passes, i guess i got comfortable in it. I was even complimented by an old schoolmate. He said I looked gorgeous. That coming from a boy who hardly speak to me in school, sure meant something. Got me smiling for a while. feeling-feeling sikit. Boost my confidence a bit. hahaa!

woaahhh.. this post is getting lengthy. apologies for the random rambles. i did mention that i'm lazy when it comes to blogging. but once i start babbling, i cant stop! so to wrap this up, i need your opinion(s). Red lips on me, is it a YAY or a NAY?

Let me know! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beyonce - Video Phone ft. Lady Gaga

Not a big fan of this song. Neither do i like the video.
But i've always liked Beyonce. She always look hot. And her looks in this vid is no different.

The ever-so-popular dark lids & the classic pin-up look.
Two of my favourite look of all time. Totally gorgeous, and not at all hard to do.

Here's the vid if anyone is interested.
Lady Gaga looks pretty in this video too. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


M·A·C in Lillyland Collection is OUT on the website.

I've been lemming for the PEARLMATTE FACE POWDER since the first time i saw it. Isnt it the prettiest thing! I'm so tempted to open a spree just to get this.. but i think i'm gonna wait till it reaches our shore (or is it here already?!), just to see what this product really is and how it'll look on me..

oh mann.. i cant wait to get my hands on this!

editted on 09 Jan 2010; just post  swatches of products from this collection. PEARLMATTE FACE POWDER looks really pretty in real life! but before i rush to order this on, i think i'll swatch it on my face first when it's launched here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


oh wow. it's already 2010.
and i'm still the same lazy me when it comes to blogging. BUT. since it's a new year, i shall try being less lazy and start posting more. but not after i've sorted out ALL the pictures in my camera. jeeez. there's a million in that card. i'm starting to feel lazy again.

on the other hand..
need to find a job.
need to find a job.
need to find a job.

my family's telling me to just go for NIE. but after doing relief for about  a year, i'm clear that teaching is not for me. though i do enjoy being around kids and teaching them, but being in a classrom.. nahh, just not for me.

i'm tired of sitting around doing nothing. i'm tired of not contributing to the household expenses. i'm tired of having to scrimp & save.
i want to spend spend spend!!
i've been sending out resumes, hoping at least one of them reply.

all that said, i hope 2010 will be better for me.