Monday, June 28, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2010

(Images credit to Temptalia)


I first saw this palette while checking out reviews on The Musing of A Muse. Now, you may think that it's just a boring neutral palette. But that's just perfect. Definitely safe for work. And if you're going out in the evening, just jazz it up with the darker shades! I love the array of nautral colors, a mix of mattes and shimmers. The sleek packaging is awesome too. But what's the best thing about this palette is that.. you get TWELVE full-sized shadows for less than half the price! How can you resist that?!

Realised how my recent 'wants' are mostly Urban Decays and not MACs or whatnots. I dont know why, but Urban Decay is seriously getting alot of my attention. Not that I am not liking MAC anymore or anything. but i guess it's time for something new.. I wonder how much this palette will be retailing at in Sephora. IF they bring it in..

Anyway, check out Temptalia's swatches & reviews here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robinsons Expo Sale


I was at the Robinsons Expo Sale earlier today, and spot some ELF products. They had the ELF Studio Line products as well, but as usual, the prices are so marked up! It's wayyy expensive, S$21++ even after discounts if i'm not wrong? That's crazy right! Surprisingly though, many of the products were already OOS. I was swatching the Blush+Bronzer duo and the SA was like "Sorry, that's not available anymore". I turned to her and said, "It's okay. I'm not buying anyway" with my 'like-i-cared' look. They had some EDM too, still marked up even after so many sales. I bet Pixie is trying very very hard to get rid of the stocks.

Anyway, I met Hudy today to pick up my one item, first ever NARS "haul". Great thing she lives in my neighbourhood. Just hours after she mass email. Nothing exciting though. i'm at my uncle's house, blogging using his laptop.. so just wait for updates if you wanna know what i got. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

A little Rant.

Do you girls have 'bad make-up' days just like 'bad hair' days?
It's like no matter what you do, what products you used (especially the one you trust the most), it just didnt turn out right?

Isnt it frustrating when you know you NEED to look good for an event but something went wrong somewhere and you just cant get it right, but then your make-up somehow looks so awesome when you're just running an errand nearby that you just dont wanna take it off?

Yeah, i'm kinda feeling that right now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Mummy's Diary Birthday Giveaway!!

Simple rules to follow + 2 questions to answer = A WHOLE LOT OF GOODIES TO BE WON!!
Amazing, much?!

Monday, June 21, 2010

LOTD: Failed Smokey

So last Saturday was my girlfriend's birthday dinner.
And this is my attempt to recreate Sophia's Smokey Eyes. Failed, obviously. I really wanted to do a dark blue smokey so that it could match my crop blazer but i didnt have a blue that is neither dark or matte enough. So i ended using the darkest color in my Pop Beauty Teal Eyes Cake, which turns out greenish. I dont even think it's well blended. I kinda did my make-up in a rush. didnt even had time to put on fake lashes. oh heck, i tried.

and oh, if anybody noticed, i had a haircut! i would have posted more pictures, but i didnt like how the rest turns out. boo!

What I Used
Base: M.A.C Prep + Prime
Face: Milani Smooth Finish Oil Free Cream-to-Powder in Sand 01 + Earthen Glow Mineral Foundation (Cover Me), M.A.C Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
Cheeks: I forgot what i used, but i think it's EDM All Smiles
Eyes: Maybelline Gel Liner as base, Darkest shade in the Pop Beauty Teal Eyes Cake, YSL Waterproof Everlong Lengthening Mascara
Lips: M.A.C Viva Glam II


Thank you for reading! :)

OCC Lip Tars Spree on Facebook.

For those who are interested in getting your hands on OCC Lip Tars, there is an ongoing spree on Facebook right now. Each Lip Tar is selling for SGD21.90 (without local postage), which i guess isnt so bad since Sophia got them for about SGD21.

Check out the spree HERE.

And for the record, I am no way affiliated with the spree organiser. Just sharing a great deal. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ShadesOfU MAC Marine Life, Bronze Body Oil & Accentuate/Sculpt Powder Giveaway

What a mouthful title!

Follow a few simple steps, and you stand a chance to win 1 of the product above.
The rules are pretty simple. All you need to do is be a subscriber. Pretty simple, right? I can assure you that you wont regret it because her reviews are so details.

So go ahead, check out the gieveway here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Current Wishlist.

So i've decided to go make-up shopping this Sunday. putting my ban aside, since i already broke it when i purchased NARS from Jasmine's spree. I'm gonna indulge myself in the STAGE ION Sale. Hopefully there's something, anything left for me. Planning to get myself some eyeliners & maybe Wonderlust lipsticks. Perhaps blushers too (like i need anymore really).

But apart from STAGE, i'm gonna head over to SEPHORA to strike some stuffs off my wishlist..

1. Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Set

(Image credit to lipglossiping)

In my previous post, i mentioned that i am only interested in a few colors, mainly the cremes. However, after looking at Lacquer Laine's swatches, i can say that i am pretty much in love with almost ALL the colors. They're all sooo pretty.

2. Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube

This one i'm getting after reading Naphula@limetart's review. I'm not using any kind of primer right now. My sister have the MAC PREP &  PRIME SKIN & MUFE ALL MAT Face Matifying Primer. So i thought i should get this one for myself instead.

3. SEPHORA Limited Edition Moroccan Sunrise Pot of Gold Loose Bronzer

I want this because I saw it on the website and thought the packaging is really cute. Not even sure if it's available in Singapore.


phewww.. that seems to be all. i cant think of anything else that i really want right now, except for Stereo Rose MSF from In The Groove Collection. I've been staying away from holding any kind of beauty sprees. so i think i should be safe from buying anymore make-up after Sunday.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Set

(Credit(s) to Temptalia)

I'm thinking of getting the Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Set because they're sooo cute. But I dont want all the colors though. I'm mainly interested in colors #2, #5 & #7 in the picture above. I'm not really into metallics when it comes to nail polishes.

Is this set even worth it? If i do get it eventually, would anyone else be interested in the other shades?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from Vacation!

Hello OnSugarettes! I'm back from my not-so-lovely vacation.
I didnt haul much. In fact, I didnt haul at all! Didnt purchase any make-up, simply because there werent any. Only a few pieces of clothing which was meant for the trip since i didnt bring many.

But anyway.. felt like sharing the picture above 'cause i found it while spring cleaning my folders. My PINK traincase! This was taken last year, when i just received it. My girlfriends gave it to me for my birthday. Looks nothing like that now because I've rearranged it. Only my specials & LEs are in the case. All my usuals are in my drawer.

I'll post an updated one soon.
Also, i smell a review coming. My first ever review!
Check back sooooooon!

Ahh... feels good to be back in SG.. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

On Vacation!

Going over the borders, where the view is sceniec and the sea is deep blue.
Goodbye, OnSugar. See you in 5 days! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

BeautyBag411 Bronzed Babe Summer Giveaway!!!!

Dont you just love summer? Time to hit beach and get some tan!
Now, your 'bronze babe' look isnt complete if you dont have the items above.
so what are you waiting for?!!!!

Join BeautyBag411's
Bronzed Babe Summer Giveaway


Saturday, June 5, 2010

theBalm @

I havent checked Beauty Ticket for a while now... so i didnt realised they brought in theBalm products, and at very low prices too! They had more products than this, inclusive of the the Bahama Mama Bronzer and Hot Mama Shadow/Blush. but those were SOLD OUT!! I hope they bring in more because the prices are just too good to miss..


There's 25% off on Smashbox products!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

M.A.C In The Groove Collection - Product Photos!!

A while ago, i posted an entry about M.A.C In The Groove Collection. In that post, I highlited some of the products i was gonna get or look forward to based entirely on descriptions. Now, after looking at product photos, seems like i'm attracted to more than i expected!

Reading the color story, I wasnt into many of the Mineralized Blushes as they remind me of some from the past collections. Like Hang Loose seems so similar to Two Virtues from Too Fabulous. And then looking at the photo, New Vibe looks alot like Bi-Tone. And you have to agree, the one from Too Fabulous look way prettier than these.

I didnt post everything up, just what i thought was really pretty. Previously, I was gonna check out Happy Together & New Vibe. But i think i like Band of Roses more now. Though, i'm not sure if i will be getting it, because i know I'm just not gonna use.

Top: Band of Roses, Hang Loose
Bottom: Happy Together, New Vibe

All Styled Up, Go For It, Jazzed

And of course, my favourite in the collection & the one I AM SURE getting... Stereo Rose!

And just for the record, I'm not purchasing Stereo Rose just because of all the hype about it. I've done research & saw swatches. And Stereo Rose is really really pretty. :)


All images credit to