Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Victoria's Secret: Secret Garden Collection

Ultra-Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream
1. Delicate Petals
2. Pear Glacé
3. Strawberries & Champagne
4. Romantic Wish
5. Sweet Temptation

Price: S$15.00 each / ANY 2 FOR S$25.00



Terms & Conditions
Meet-up/Self-collection possible in Bukit Panjang.
Prices inclusive of postage. Additional of S$2.25 for Registered Mail.
All items will be bubblewrapped.

personal feedback: 30+ | 1-
33+ | 0-

Leave a comment with email if interested.  Thanks for looking! =)

Busy week.

I know i've been lacking in my updates. I guess i'm just not meant to be a blogger, let alone a "beauty blogger".

I will get to posting up the pictures of the OnSugarettes meet-up soon. but in the meantime, i've been busy preparing for my bestfriend's wedding. I havent even got a dress yet!! I'm glad the '1920s' theme have been scraped off, else it'll be harder to find a dress. And then there's the headdress to think about. Yes, the bride request that we glam up in fancy headdress (exluding tudung, unless you're already wearing one. :p).

The FIRST wedding for 2010. The FIRST of the ten of us to get married.
I'm excited, so are the rest of the girls. This isnt your typical under the void-deck Malay wedding, so it's gonna be one helluva AWESOME wedding.

For now.. i gotta go pack my make-up bag. I dont even know what make-up to wear!
dangz. this is hard.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheryl Bianca Christmas Gift

Back with another giveaway entry!

So Cheryl Bianca is giving away the above. Pretty neat prices huh? Well, the rules are simple.
All you have to do is be a follower, share this giveaway on your blog, choose one of her Christmas look tutorial & state why you chose it. Do all that & considered yourself entered! And oh, dont forget to leave your link on her entry..

here's mine!

This is probable a common choice, but out of all her Christmas look, i like the 'Smokey Purple Eyes' the most.
Reason is simple.. i've always loved the 'smokey' look, add a little purple and BAM! you've got yourself a great sexy, sultry look. Her techniques are also simple to follow. great for starters like me.. i would probably add a little more black though, just to deepen it a bit.

Oh, i also like this one because it's a versatile look. You can wear this look anywhere, anytime. Not just Christmas! :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NYX Cosmetics in Far East

i've been meaning to post this the longest time.. but keep slipping off my mind.

I'm not sure if anyone knows about this.. but you can actually find NYX Cosmetics in Far East.
They have a wide range of products, more than Guardian, like the single eyeshadows, the Megashine lipglosses and also the round lipsticks! But unlike Guardian, their testers are actually very well taken care off. nothing too disgusting for you to touch.
i did take a picture of it.. but if you remembered, i lost my phone in JB a few weeks back, along with the pictures i took.

For those interested, NYX is available at one of those make-up schools at.. Level 4, i think. I'll include the name when i remember.
Dont ask me prices because i didnt ask.

Go check it out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Coming up next..

(1) An overdue make-up related birthday gift ( i know.. i was supposed to blog it two weeks ago!)

now.. let's just see if i'll get out of my lazy mode.

editted; 22 Dec 2009
seems like my sister already posted my haul!
hah! reason why i'm not a good blogger.. i'm lazy like that!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

MAC Brush Set Giveaway For Subscribers Of The Shades Of U

Fancy getting either of this brush set?
Well, fret not! is having another gieveway with these brush sets as prizes! There will be two winners, and each winner will receive either one.

For more details,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lazy Bones.

oh my.. i've got SO much to blog about.. but i've been having lazy bones! and i've been home online all the time!

Today, is the 18th.
Meaning it's our anniversary. 4th, to be exact..

this is by far.. my favourite picture of Us.
2 years ago, on his 19th birthday.

so anywayyy.. like in a entry i posted few weeks back, November was cruel to me. but December have been good so far, and getting better! It's the last two weeks of 2009. Despite being jobless at the moment, i am still gonna party hard.
Secret Santa gift swap with the girls next week, and then Christmas at Zirca.
Week after that, my girl's solemnisation, wedding dinner & more partying!!

i cant wait.
more sparkly dresses, bright red lips & false lashes ahead!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beauty Ticket (again)

Check THIS out!!
Beauty Ticket kinda featured me on their twitter! How awesome!


(ps: i have a spree opened HERE.)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pump for Foundation.

alright, so awhile back (way before my Bangkok trip), i posted an entry saying that i've found the PERFECT pump bottle for my sister's Revlon ColorStay foundation. As everyone knows, the foundation doesnt come with a dispenser of any sorts. so getting the product out is a little problem because you might end up pouring too much.

i'm a little fussy about the pump i'm gonna get.
I was actually looking for Daiso's vaporised pump. but i guess they dont sell those anymore because i just couldnt find it!

So i tried my luck at SASA.
I didnt wanna get just ANY pump. especially the one with the 'pointed' dispenser. somehow i just dont like that for my foundation. so i was really happy when i found this particular pump bottle.

It's perfect because
(1) it's usual dispenser you see in most foundation bottle.
(2) Unlike the bottle with the 'pointed' dispenser, this comes with a cap. Keeps the dust off!
(3) I like how i can control the amount of product i want. 1 full pump dispense just a nice amount of product.
(4) It's freaking cheap! This bottle cost S$1.55.

I like this bottle SO SO much that i got myself more for my lotions. The smaller versions (S$1.05) comes in different colored dispensor, and OH SO CUTE!

Perfect for travelling or just to throw into your bag/purse.
I think i'll be getting some more!! :)

(ps: is the picture TOO big?)

Friday, December 11, 2009


Beauty Ticket package from my spree just arrived.
Gotta LOVE Beauty Ticket for the way they pack. Everything are so compact and arranged neatly! D

Check out that Smashbox Visionary Lipstick Palette. That's just awesome!! I didnt expect it to be that huge. Makes such a good Christmas/Birthday gift. Now, are you thinking what i'm thinking?


Hello Onsugarettes!

I'm opening another Beauty Ticket spree because my sister wants to get something off her wishlist.

Beauty Ticket is an AWESOME website with AMAZING customer service.
The first time i tried to order, my card was declined 3 times. i almost gave up. but i realised something was fishy when i didnt receive any order confirmation yet money was on hold. so i emailed them. they replied SUPER FAST. turns out they've processed my order manually. of course, i had to reply to say thank you, and in the same email i asked if i could add some more items. again, they replied super fast!

The very next day, i received an email confirmation for them saying that they've shipped out my order. How awesome is that! I was damn surprised because i wasnt expecting that at all. I didnt expect them to work SO fast!

I didnt have to wait long before i receive the package either. It arrived exactly one week after it was shipped. I concluded the spree in 10 days (excluding those spree-ers who took forever to reply).

You could probably tell that i am very impressed with this website!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Seriously, i dont even know why i bothered! Hah!
It's a love-hate relationship right now.

About Barry

Seriously, Barry M online sucks big time.
I opened a spree & and placed two orders about two weeks ago.
Firstly, they cancelled my first order. They said they were unable to process my order as the Address Verification Service could not verify the information provided. The bank could not verify the address details. So my order was cancelled and the money credited back to my card.

Okay, never mind. Since that was the problem, i'm expecting the second order to be cancelled & refunded as well.


They shipped my second order!
How was that possible when the same card was used & the same shipping address was entered for both orders?!
I emailed them demanding an explanation. but NO REPLY. Hell, i was pissed off.

Now, since the order was shipped, all i can do is wait for the package to arrive.
About 10 days later, just a day before i was off to Bangkok, it arrived. But because i was leaving the next day, i wasnt able to check if the order was complete. Only when i return & sorting out order, did i realise that 1 item is missing. I've emailed them & left messages on the FB Wall. Still NO REPLY.

Seriously, their online customer service sucks big time.
Probably not gonna place another order with them anytime soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009