Monday, June 28, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2010

(Images credit to Temptalia)


I first saw this palette while checking out reviews on The Musing of A Muse. Now, you may think that it's just a boring neutral palette. But that's just perfect. Definitely safe for work. And if you're going out in the evening, just jazz it up with the darker shades! I love the array of nautral colors, a mix of mattes and shimmers. The sleek packaging is awesome too. But what's the best thing about this palette is that.. you get TWELVE full-sized shadows for less than half the price! How can you resist that?!

Realised how my recent 'wants' are mostly Urban Decays and not MACs or whatnots. I dont know why, but Urban Decay is seriously getting alot of my attention. Not that I am not liking MAC anymore or anything. but i guess it's time for something new.. I wonder how much this palette will be retailing at in Sephora. IF they bring it in..

Anyway, check out Temptalia's swatches & reviews here.


  1. Haha i'm totally wanting this palette too it's so gorgeous and i'll prob use every colour :) Wonder how much it's gonna cost here though.

  2. I konw right! Every shade is so wearable for daily use.
    Probably S$65-70++? Hopefully not more than that. because I kinda really want this!

  3. Get it! It looks gorgeous! Maybe Beautyticket will have it during their UD private sale :D

  4. @hudy: oh yeahhhhh.. but this is a new product, isnt it? On temptalia it states that it will only be available at Urban Decay on 29th June.

    @Jasmine: I knoww... so wearable!

  5. The colours are so pretty.
    Day to night in just 1 palette.

    icefrost having a UD spree now.
    get it! :D

  6. It is a pretty palette!

    Thanks Samantha! but i think I'm gonna wait till it's selling in Sephora. Wanna check them out in person. :)

  7. I seriously want this palette too but I just spent on MAC!

  8. I think UD hit the spot with this palette! Truth is, one can never have to much neutrals :D