Saturday, June 5, 2010

theBalm @

I havent checked Beauty Ticket for a while now... so i didnt realised they brought in theBalm products, and at very low prices too! They had more products than this, inclusive of the the Bahama Mama Bronzer and Hot Mama Shadow/Blush. but those were SOLD OUT!! I hope they bring in more because the prices are just too good to miss..


There's 25% off on Smashbox products!!


  1. Tempted to.. but i cant!
    I'm going away (to a place with no internet connection) for week, and if i open one now, i wouldnt be around to handle it. :(

  2. haha. darn it.

  3. Maybe after i return. Hopefully they'll stock up on theBalm. I'm eyeing on Hot Mama!!