Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Set

(Credit(s) to Temptalia)

I'm thinking of getting the Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Set because they're sooo cute. But I dont want all the colors though. I'm mainly interested in colors #2, #5 & #7 in the picture above. I'm not really into metallics when it comes to nail polishes.

Is this set even worth it? If i do get it eventually, would anyone else be interested in the other shades?


  1. i saw this on temptalia too! SO PRETTY!! i like 1, 2, 4 6!!
    bt small bottles la. any idea how much?
    i saw sephora singapore facebook discussing it too!!

  2. Each bottle is 5ml. Just like OPI mini bottles, or the SEPHORA brand polishes.
    The set is S$45.00. So divide that by 7, ~S$6.45 each.
    so i guess that's pretty okay since the Sephora polishes are S$8 each. :)

  3. wow thats not bad. im so in love with the bronze n blue shade!
    is the $45 usd or sg? sg confirm mark up righT:(

  4. It's SGD45. Not bad right? :)
    I went to check it out last week. I'm really tempted to get it!!

  5. ya not bad! its out already?

  6. Sarah,
    I already saw it at Sephora - Ngee Ann City when I was there last week.
    I only like the champagne and turquoise shades :D
    Wont mind buying if you're selling :)

  7. @Sarah: It was out about two weeks ago.. I went to Sephora ION. Go check it out!
    @xLadyErika/Joanna (right?): Awesome!! Will let you know (or blog it) when/if i get it..

  8. haha,
    my name's Samantha xD
    Saw your post on it :)

  9. oouhhhhhhhh! geez. where did i get Joanna from?!
    I am soooo sorry! *embarrassed*