Friday, June 18, 2010

Current Wishlist.

So i've decided to go make-up shopping this Sunday. putting my ban aside, since i already broke it when i purchased NARS from Jasmine's spree. I'm gonna indulge myself in the STAGE ION Sale. Hopefully there's something, anything left for me. Planning to get myself some eyeliners & maybe Wonderlust lipsticks. Perhaps blushers too (like i need anymore really).

But apart from STAGE, i'm gonna head over to SEPHORA to strike some stuffs off my wishlist..

1. Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Set

(Image credit to lipglossiping)

In my previous post, i mentioned that i am only interested in a few colors, mainly the cremes. However, after looking at Lacquer Laine's swatches, i can say that i am pretty much in love with almost ALL the colors. They're all sooo pretty.

2. Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube

This one i'm getting after reading Naphula@limetart's review. I'm not using any kind of primer right now. My sister have the MAC PREP &  PRIME SKIN & MUFE ALL MAT Face Matifying Primer. So i thought i should get this one for myself instead.

3. SEPHORA Limited Edition Moroccan Sunrise Pot of Gold Loose Bronzer

I want this because I saw it on the website and thought the packaging is really cute. Not even sure if it's available in Singapore.


phewww.. that seems to be all. i cant think of anything else that i really want right now, except for Stereo Rose MSF from In The Groove Collection. I've been staying away from holding any kind of beauty sprees. so i think i should be safe from buying anymore make-up after Sunday.


  1. those polishes are so pretty! :)

  2. @Liana: They are, arent they?! I tried i think the hot/neon pink and it's soooo pretty, the case is kinda cute too!

  3. AW.. i love the gold heart design on its bottle (: