Saturday, July 3, 2010

M.A.C Alice + Olivia Collection: SPREE OPEN

I was not gonna do a MAC spree because a few others here on OnSugar already one. But I realised that the Alice + Olivia Collection is NOT gonna be released here in Singapore. Have you seen the packaging? It's not the most amazing packaging, but the boxes are cute! There's a few stuffs that I wanna get from this collection & since it wont be out here, a spree is needed.

I've opened my spree in my livejournal account but dont worry, you dont need an account to post your order. I will start ordering once the collection is out. Happy spree-ing. :)


  1. omg why wont they come sg???

  2. Sarah, i know right! On Temptalia's site, it's stated that It will only be released in Japan & Korea.