Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robinsons Expo Sale


I was at the Robinsons Expo Sale earlier today, and spot some ELF products. They had the ELF Studio Line products as well, but as usual, the prices are so marked up! It's wayyy expensive, S$21++ even after discounts if i'm not wrong? That's crazy right! Surprisingly though, many of the products were already OOS. I was swatching the Blush+Bronzer duo and the SA was like "Sorry, that's not available anymore". I turned to her and said, "It's okay. I'm not buying anyway" with my 'like-i-cared' look. They had some EDM too, still marked up even after so many sales. I bet Pixie is trying very very hard to get rid of the stocks.

Anyway, I met Hudy today to pick up my one item, first ever NARS "haul". Great thing she lives in my neighbourhood. Just hours after she mass email. Nothing exciting though. i'm at my uncle's house, blogging using his laptop.. so just wait for updates if you wanna know what i got. :)


  1. I'm INTERESTED!! Hahahaha. I am super happy with my NARS! Hahaha. I wanna see yours too! :D

  2. eh, you know what i got. and it's nothing MASSIVE like yours! two batch of orders summore!

  3. Nice seeing you that day!

  4. Yes, yes! Nice seeing you too, Hudy. Sorry if i was a little late. Neither of us knew where your block is! so much for being 'neighbours'. hahaa!