Friday, July 16, 2010


Nothing interesting in particular. Just felt sharing a picture of my girls.
10 girls, 10 different personalities.
We met back in secondary school, from 3 different classes. There might be times when i'm just slightly unhappy with them.. but I love them all, just the same!

In the meantime.. check out what i've been up to!

I've been a very very bad girl! Hauling like there's no tomorrow! And it started with one innocent purchase....

Make a guess which one!


  1. Eh I know Ayu! And the girl in the striped shirt follows my Tumblr!

  2. woo, nice haul. can't wait to see in detail. ;) i've been meaning to save, but once i start, i just can't seem to stop.

    hmm, i'm guessing it's the NARS that started the hauling? :)

  3. heavenlygorgeousJuly 16, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    Update on the haul, please! Haul posts make me go gaga!! :p

  4. @hudy: you know Ayu? HOWWWW? I love Ayu to death! And you mean the girl in stripe tank? That's Syasya!

    @blushaphoria: you're sooo right! I totally wanted to save, but obviously failed!

    @Mya: Sooooooest! I promise! Just waiting for a few more stuffs to arrive. and then i'm DONE.

  5. We were in the same class for first three months!! Hahaha I loved Ayu! She was so fun and funny! And small hehe.

  6. MI, eh? Aww, man! I totally missed that. I wished I went!

  7. Love your haul!