Monday, July 19, 2010

Collective Haul!

So i finally got this up.. been procrastinating. I've spent alot this month. and it's bad. Blame it on the sales and temptations on OnSugar. I've totally NO self-control man!! And all of the above started with one innocent purchase...

Yepp, NARS is the culprit. This was purchased way back during the Beauty Ticket Private Sale. I saw Jasmine's tweets, asking if anyone wanted to get anything. I've always thought my first NARS purchase would be a blush. But they wont have any on the sale. They had cream blushers, but in not so exciting shade.

I ordered the Powder Foundation with SPF 12 and PA++ since i ran out of my MAC Studiofix Powder. Not many shades left either. So using Temptalia's foundation matrix as reference, I picked it up in St Tropez. I've only used this once since I collected it from Hudy. I didnt really like it, but I'll give it another go when my skin is better.

Daiso in Bukit Panjang just opened last month, so i had to check it out, right? I didnt include these two in the group shot because i totally forgot. I wanted to show you guys the instructions on the back of the cleansing pad but my scanner wont scan it! It was so funny! The blush came in a few shades, but i picked up the neutral brown shade for days i dont want too much color. As you can see, it's almost the same shade as my skin so obviusly it wont show up on my face. The highlight shade is pretty though. Might end up using this as eyeshadow instead.

Top: Eyeliner in Pewter Performance & Backstage Black (S$6.00 ea)
Bottom: Wonderlust Moisturising Lipstick in Paris & Monica (S$7.50 ea), Wonderluxe Satin Matte Lipstick in Pastel Posy (S$6.90ea)

And then there's STAGE Moving Out Sale at Suntec City. I missed the one at ION so i made it a point to go to this one. I wanted to go crrraaaazzzzzyy. But i stopped myself. I didnt get Monica during the sale, but with Bazaar Magazine instead. It's still brand new, so i thought I'll just include it.

I'm having problems uploading photos of the rest of my haul. I'll update this post once I'm able to upload them. :)



  1. Ooh! I'm loving your haul already! Look out for mine! I'm still writing the post. HAHA! :D

  2. Why u no likey the NARS foundation babe?

  3. @Rusty: And i'm not even done yet! Can you imagine how lengthy this entry could get? I think i'll continue in another entry.

    @Dyan: I've only used it once, so i cant really say much. Based on first impression lahh.. I dont like it 'cause maybe it's not an exact match? It's just a tad lighter, but nothing a bronzer cant fix. And also, my skin is kinda crappy right now. And when your skin is crappy, NO foundation looks good. with the exception of my EGMineral. :)

  4. I love the cleansing pad, really scrubs off the blackheads. mine's worn off, gonna get soon! its actually on this taiwan show, "nu ren wo zui da". its in pink :D

    Hope you'll enjoy it!

    *I use mine with the cleanser

  5. Im loving you're lipstick colours! Especially your pinkish one :)