Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Little Black Box.

Finally arrived this week. The Stereo Roses are from Nordstrom. I ordered as soon as the collection is up when the ones at went Out of Stock.

None of these are mine though. My Stereo Rose from M∙A∙C was on backorder (but i checked, and it's been shipped! yeayy!). okay, maybe for one.

So i got myself the I.Want.Candy Dazzleglass Creme. I dont know why I got this, but probably because I thought it was unique. But somehow I am a little disappointed. I mean, I thought it would be BRIGHT, almost neon-green like most pictures i saw. Like the one in Temptalia. But what i have in my hand is just a blah sunny yellow. It doesnt even look interesting. Even redberried's I.Want.Candy looks nicer.

Could it be because I placed it on a black background? Could be.
But it's still a boring yellow on my hand to me. oh well.


  1. *likes this post*
    hee hee

  2. Mine's shipped too. Hopefully we get our orders by next week!

  3. Dyan, MAC black boxes makes us happy, doesnt it?

    @redberried: yes, yes. hopefully! :)