Sunday, August 15, 2010

SWATCH: TBS Autumn Leaves Compact

A few days ago Rusty (musicplayson) blogged about Autumn Leaves Compact from The Body Shop's new Limited Edition Autumn Trend Collection. She mentioned how much Berry reminded her of M.A.C Petticoat MSF. Since I have an outlet near me and I needed to collect some samples anyway, I went down with Petticoat along with me to do some swatches.

L-R: Petticoat swirled, Berry swirled, Last 4 swatch - Berry individual swatch

As you can see from the top photo, when swirled together, Petticoat & Berry is very very close. But not quite identical. I'm not good at describing colors at all, so i wont try. but I hope you can see the difference. Berry is more pigmented and not as metallic as Petticoat. However, if you swatch on the raspberrveinings on Petticoat, the shade is very very similar to the darkest shade in Berry. So, it's a close match, but not quite a dupe. Still good to have if you do not want to fork out S$46 for Petticoat.

Chestnut however, is another story. It is such a good dupe for......

Top: Cheeky Bronze MSF
Bottom L-R: Chestnut swirled. Last 4 swatch - Chestnut Individual Shade

....... Cheeky Bronze MSF!! I'm not kidding you! Not sure if you can see in the photos, but they are almost identical! You can hardly tell the difference in real life. The only difference is Chesnut is much more pigmented and much less glittery than Cheeky Bronze. For those who missed out on Cheeky Bronze but really want it, you should totally get Chestnut. It's totally worth it at S$32.90 (only S$29 if you're a LYB member!!). I think it's versatile too because they would make beautiful eyeshadow colors.

So did i get any?

Well, not this time. Cant justify getting something that I already have in my stash. But who knows... if there's a promotion. Because i'm starting to really like Chestnut. :)

So... I hope this post helped, even though I am totally crappy at describing the colors or doing comparisons!

Before i end this.. to everyone who dreads going to the office tomorrow, i hope you enjoy this video!!


  1. i wanna get chestnut.. shall go TBS after work tmr.. :) thanks for the swatches

  2. both are so lovely, I am damnnnn tempted to get both. but I've been buying too many blushes lately! :(

  3. OMG! I don't own Cheeky Bronze so I didn't know it is such a dupe! Hahaha.

  4. No problem, Aynie!

    Syidah, the same reason that stopped me from buying! Especially since I have both Petticoat & Cheeky Bronze. But i dont know.. maybe if I tak boleh tahan, I might just get Chestnut!

    Rusty, they're so so close right!! When I saw your swatch, I was like.. okay, never mind. Just bring Cheeky Bronze along. It turns out to be such a good dupe! You should get it lahh.. *evil grin*

  5. Thanks for the swatches. The two compacts are both very lovely.

  6. My pleasure, Christie! They are really gorgeous in real life. :)

  7. but im guessing they're the type that just the first layer is shimmery...after that matte with very very minimal shimmer??

  8. Not really, Sarah. If i remember correctly, there is no overspray like Marine Life. So i guess the shimmer is throughout and what you'll get is like my swatches above. :)

  9. Oh wow gorgeous. I need to go check these out. Thanks
    New follower. If you get a chance, please check out my blog. I have a 'dare to wear challenge' going on where I dare my subscribers to recreate a look posted on my blog. I also have monthly giveaways and will be posting my September giveaway in a couple of weeks. Finally, I will be having a giveaway for an Urban Decay Naked Palette when I hit 300 subscribers.


  10. Hi Alicia!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. Terribly sorry for the late reply. I havent checked in a quite some time.

    Do check these compacts out. They're really gorgeous in real life!

    Fatin. :)