Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SWATCH: My Red House MUA Lip Rouge

L-R: 08 Crimson, 17 Flame (LE), 03 Praline, 09 Pecan, 01 Barely, 04 Chili

So Ramadhan's here, and today is our first day fasting. It's 5.19PM right now, and about 2 hours more to go before we break our fast. Am i hungry? Nope. Am i bored? H*ll Yeahh! Damn sleepy too. So what did i do?

I went to my mom's room to play with her lipsticks, like always whenever i am bored. (i know, i'm still a kid at heart). Before I know it, i start swatching all her MUA Lip Rouge. Yepp, it's ALL hers.

L-R: 01 Barely, 03 Praline, 08 Crimson, 04 Chili, 09 Pecan, 17 Flame (LE)
Natural Light, No Flash

Indoor, Natural Light, No Flash
Same order as above

Indoor, Natural Light, No Flash Again
Same order as above

I did capture one with flash, but it didnt appear too well. So not gonna include that one here.

My Thoughts: These lipsticks are really creamy. They go smoothly on the lips. And very pigmented too. They're nice to use. But if you're gonna ask me if I am gonna purchase more, my answer is... nope. unless there is another sale. There is no way I am gonna pay S$24.00 for a 1.40g product.

Thank you for reading! :)

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