Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drugstore Necessities

Dont you just hate it when you walk into a store to pick up ONE item, and end up picking up a basket because your hands cannot hold anymore items?

In my case, it was just 3M Nexcare Acne Patch. Love this stuff. Then i saw Heal Pharm's Pore Pack. It's S$1.95, so have to pick it up, right? I was running out of my ACNES one anyway. Check out Anoynomous Bosch's review on Nixoderm. Her review made me wanna try it too. And since I was at Watsons, i kinda need to top-up to S$10.00 to qualify for the points. So that is where the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film comes in. End up spending S$15++ which means 3 points!! hahaa.

The Nude Cotton Pads, i got from John Little sale at Causeway Point. I thought 6 for S$8.00 was a good deal. A little pricier than the one from SASA which i'm currently using. but that one is a little........ berbulu (sorry, lack of a better word! i really dont know how to describe. help?) when you wipe across your face.

Of course, while i was at it, i couldnt help to grab this nail enamel. It was such a lovely shade, even though there was no testers in stores for me to swatch. The swatches online are enough to suck me into buying this. Plus 20% off at John Little, i couldnt resist!

'This' is Revlon's Gray Suede. The shade is a lovely nude on me, and even lovelier to apply. Will post swatches when i wear it out tomorrow, though i am sure it's not necessary.

I really have no idea why I need to justify my purchases here. but i guess it's not really about justifying them.. it's just fun to do! hehee..

So thank you for reading. Happy Wednesday, ladies!


  1. Which girl can resist sale, nice swatches, BOGO, discounts etc Fatin? Plus, we call them savings, "so pretty!" etc. Some ppl just don't get it. LOL.

  2. Errr, this is me Faezah/Junkshion. Kept logging in and out and i am still in NurAtiqa's account. :(

  3. omg Faezah! I was about to reply, Hello Atiqa! hahaha..

    anyway, you're so right. Girls. Everything also cannot resist. No self-control, especially when you're out alone!

  4. yeay to Gray Suede! i love it too. :) and i need to check out Heal Pharm's Pore Pack. wonder if it works similar / better than Biore?

  5. I saw Sophia's swatch first, and i was like.. i need that shade. And then I saw yours and i was convinced i NEED it!

    To me, it works just like Biore's pore pack, not better but just as good. but that's my opinion lahh. it's only S$1.95 so worth trying. so maybe pricewise, it's better. :)

  6. ahh, ok. thanks! will look out for it when i go to Watsons!

  7. berbulu means there's fibre left behind when u wipe across your face?

  8. LOL..anway, name me one person who can go into watsons and not buy anything at all...=)

  9. @youngorgeous: yeahh, that's what i'm trying to say.. but i cant find a word, just one word that could explain exactly that. and yes, Watsons. Killer Drugstore. especially now when they've rearranged the outlet at Bukit Panjang Plaza. The cosmetics section is just maaaaaaaadness.