Friday, August 13, 2010

Jazz(ed) it up with Petticoat & Stereo Rose


I thought I was still in my dream when I heard someone calling my name. And then it's started to sound real. Suddenly, i heard my grandmother's voice... "FATIN, POSTMAN DATANG" ("Fatin, postman come"). My eyes flew open and i quickly jumped out of my bed. I knew it's here. The Big Black Box. IT'S HEREEEEE!!!

HAHAHAHA. just a bit of story-telling there.

M.A.C, oh M.A.C.. how I wish you were mine..


Petticoat vs Petticoat

I dont know how many of you noticed, but while sorting out the goodies, I decided to bring out my Petticoat and did a little comparison. I already own Petticoat from the Sheer Minerals (SM) release in 2008. I realised that there is a slight difference between the old Petticoat & the new one. I find that the Petticoat I have is lighter, and the In The Groove (ITG) Petticoat contains more pink glitter making it more pink-er. Looks more frosty too I've included some photos below. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Note that this comparison is only based on what I see from the packaging. It might or might not swatch differently, I dont know. These are not mine so I am not gonna open them up or do swatches.

Top, Left: SM Petticoat Right: ITG Petticoat
Bottom, Left: ITG Petticoat Right: SM Petticoat

Right: ITG Petticoat
Left: SM Petticoat

This one I'm adding just for fun, since I am already at it.
I know the arrangement of the Petticoats are not consistent. I was shooting from different areas in my house, just to get the best lighting.

I dont know if you can see the difference in the photos. But just let me know what you think, yeah? And for those who own both SM & TG Petticoat, maybe you could do a swatch to see if there is any difference.

Thank you for reading! (",)


  1. fromthe photos, it does look that the SM one is lighter.. more pale..

  2. Hi Aynie!
    And it is, in real life. I just cannot capture it as accurately as i can because of the reflections on the "window" of the compact. I wish I could open them up to take macro shots.

  3. I love it when someone knocks on my door telling me "postman datang"! LOL.

  4. Ermmm. The above was by me Faezah. I can't seem to log in with my account while commenting on your posts!

  5. @Faezah: *sigghh.. i hope they fix this bug soon.

  6. but its discernible ar, i feel.. but then again, if can take close up shots, its even better :)

  7. Eh ya lah. I noticed the difference too.

  8. Aynie, I wish I could take close-up shots too! Could've asked my friend for permission, but nehmind lah. dah post pon! hehhee..

    Mya, glad you noticed the difference although it's not so obvious in the photos. but in real life, you can see that it's pretty different. more frosty, i feel.

  9. I think from the photos can clearly see the difference. One is kinda brownish, the other one is kinda pinkish. I prefer the SM Petticoat, though. ;)

  10. Yeahh, me too! ITG Petticoat is too pink, and darker. But if there's one thing i like about the ITG Petticoat is that they seems to have ALOT of veinings. And i really mean banyak banyak banyak. So it's really really pretty to look at. hehee :)

  11. Ya lor. The veinings like so yummeeeeeeehhhhhh like that. :p

  12. ITG Petticoat is very frosty pinky while SM Petticoat is a neutral bronzy shade. Both looks delicious!

  13. I agree with you, Christie! The ITG Petticoat look just as good that I felt like keeping it in my stash. Too bad it's not mine! hehehee!