Saturday, February 6, 2010

A (tiny) Haul from Earthen Glow Minerals

So sometime in early January, i placed an order with Earthen Glow Minerals. I was in the mood to try out mineral foundations, and was researching on companies when i came across this particular one. They had a FREE sample kit of their mineral foundations which inlcudes ALL shades under the skintone and finish of your choice. You only need to pay for shipping, which was USD3.95. I didnt wanna pay that amount for a free kit in sample baggies, so i added another 5 piece sample kit and a solid perfume since they were having 30% off.

The package arrived about 3 weeks later, which i guess i didnt really mind. It's understandable that processing time will be a little slow since they just had a massive sale and response would be overwhelming. What bothered me was the condition my items came in. The packaging was dirty, products were spilling and it made quite a mess. When i took the jars out, i found out the cap were not tightly screwed! I can literally 'lift' the cap up to open up the jars..

So i emailed them about it and 4 days later, they replied. In the email, they said..
We apologize for the items that were received in poor condition. 
Please let us know what you feel is a reasonable solution to this issue so we may satisfy you completely.
We await your reply."

Seems reasonable, right? Thing is, i do not know what is a 'reasonable solution'.
Should i reply them back or just let the matter go?


  1. wow the first time i heard of a company asking the customer what they feel is a reasonable solution instead. sounds so odd, if u ask for something completely outrageous will they agree too? hahaha

  2. i know right! What is a reasonable solution, really?
    Cant possibly ask them to resend the items, because i dont think i need two sets of the same samples. I was thinking if i could ask for a full size of the blush b/c it's really pretty. but then again, like you mentioned, it might be a little outrageous. hahaa!

  3. Why not give it a try?

  4. hmmmm.... why not try out the samples you have...see which one you'd like in full size and email them! =D its not too demanding to just ask for 1 full size item,
    Or alternatively, you could say which ever 1 got spilled out the most during shipping and you'd like to try that one since not much is left!

  5. I asked for a new package. SInce they're willing to sent whichever is 'useless'. but i didnt ask for a full-size though. dont know why i didnt.. hmmm..