Friday, February 5, 2010

Hit pan on my Studiofix Powder!

Hello people!
I haven't been blogging much, have i? No time lahh.. Got home so late everyday, too tired to blog.

Anyway, i finally hit pan on my Studiofix Powder! After like more than a year of usage.. Well, it hit pan a few months ago, but it doesnt seem to finish! As you can see, i still have some left, which could probably last about 2 weeks more?

I need to get a replacement asap because i dont wanna run out before i get a new one. but thing is, I'm not sure if i wanna get the exact same product. I don't think i'm ready to spend S$44 on a compact powder/foundation for now. I want to switch, but i have NO idea what to get. I've been thinking about ZA lately, since they've got quite a number good reviews.

But before i spend some money, i wanna hear suggestions.
What product would you recommend that works equally the same as MAC Studiofix Powder, but for lesser money?


  1. Hhhmmm... I've been using ZA Two Way Cake since high school and haven't changed to other brands since then.

  2. I have both the Studiofix and ZA Two Way Cake. To me, it both works the same. Coverage wise too but I find Studiofix silkier than ZA. Just slightly. I'd get ZA if I were you.

  3. @heavenlygorgeous & @xhilzahx: alright, thanks for your opinions babe! any idea what shade i should get? i'm NC43, so i'm thinking i should probably get the last and darkest shade which is #24, i believe.