Monday, May 10, 2010

SPREE: Forever 21 Spring Sale

Okay, so some of you might already know that i am on self-imposed make-up ban. So those money saved from buying make-up are going to be spent on some new clothes. Me and a few friends decided that we are going to spend some moolahs on Forever 21, ordering straight from the website.

So calling all you Forever 21 fans out there!
If you're lemming for some new pieces in your wardrobe, come and join me. Don't forget to check out the SALES page. I spy some pretty good buys there.


ps: you dont need an LJ account to post. :)


  1. hi fatin, deebz here.

    are you using vpost or international?

  2. hey deebz..
    most likely vPOST. I used International once.. but i think it's just too expensive. If i'm not wrong, there's a limit to the number of items you can order (not more than 20) if shipped internationally. that's why very ex. unless of course, you're gonna order really heavy/expensive stuffs.