Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beauty Ticket 5 for $5 Event.

I just received this e-mailer from Beauty Ticket.
5 full-sized items for $5.00? I'm sold..

Though I am pretty sure they messed up the date. I've already email them regarding it.. So let's just wait for their reply.

Anyone interested in getting these beauty bags?

editted @ 1.47PM;
So i found a link on the website - HERE.
There's a note stated on the page that says:
Will not include items currently for sale on

So i guess items are random, and you won't really know what's inside each MYSTERY BEAUTY BAG. :)


  1. ooo sounds super cool! but maybe there are some strings attached??

  2. woooooah..

    i hope they have a variety to choose from!

  3. Ya. If there's a catch. then hmm. Haha.

  4. me me me me! but hows the shipping fee like?

  5. @Sarah & @Rusty: Maybe there is.. but it isnt stated anywhere in the email. hmmm.. guess we can just wait for it?

    @Dyan: I think there are varieties IN the beauty bag, but i dont think you can choose the products. I got a feeling it's 5 random products put into a bag.

    @Hanna: Shipping was a flat fee of USD24.95. And based on my last sprees, shipping per item is about S$1.50-2.00. But i realised they just increased shipping to USD26.95! So maybe slightly more now..

  6. The website written May 19.. sounds fun like pick random bag.

  7. @Eka & @Fatin: It is interesting, isnt it? I'll be the happiest girl if that lip palette is included in the beauty bag..

    I wonder how many beauty bags can be ordered at one time.. hmmmm..

  8. Ouh my.. i wish more..

  9. this is awesome lah! maybe we should get a few bags for one person. for $5 is like *thumbsup*

  10. @Suhaila: Pretty awesome, right? I just send them an enquiry, asking them how many bags can we purchase per order. Sekali one bag per order eh..

  11. ishk. one bag per order? baik tky susah2 dorang do this seh. grrr. i want manymany..