Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tag: What Was Your First M.A.C Purchase?

I thought this was a pretty interesting tag. so here goes..

My first M.A.C purchase(s) would be back in Nov/Dec 2008 and I got them at M.A.C Jusco, JB. Got myself the Studio Fix Powder Foundation because my sister got one. I asked the MA (which was/is a male) for a nude shade & he recommended me this combo - Viva Glam II lipstick & Beaux Lustreglass.

I've already panned out the foundation, but only recently. That took me a year & a half to clean it out. Actually, no. I've still got some left few weeks ago but my sister dropped my compact and smashed what's left of the foundation. My lipstick is only half done & I've been using it every single time I go out just so that I could finish it quickly. Sadly though, I lost my lustreglass. It was my favourite because it went so well with Viva Glam II lipstick. And unlike the lipglass, lustreglass has a brush applicator and less sticky. so that's a plus point.

I wasnt addicted YET after my first purchase. What got me M.A.C-crazy was the Hello Kitty Collection in Feb 2009. It started there and I just couldnt stop. Trying to control my M.A.C purchases for now. No more hauling after that mega private sale.

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  1. We are all becoming M.A.C addicts. Once you start buying, you can't stop! :cocktail: