Sunday, April 18, 2010

Collective Haul!

So much make-up in just two months.. I don't even know where to start! There were quite a few IRRESISTABLE sales going on the past few weeks. Some of which I've participate in are the NYX Cosmetics Going Bananas $1.00 Sale, My Red House/MUACosmetics Fool's Quest $1.00 Sale and the most recent one is obviouslt the M.A.C Private Sale. Looking at the picture above, I cant believe I've spent soooooooo much just on cosmetics. This gotta stop.
So what i got..

NYX Cosmetics
Fabulous Lashes (EL104 & EL 131)
Chrome Eyeshadows (Penny, Space, Barely There & Red)
& Single Eyeshadow (Wildflower)

I got some lipsticks too but I've already sold them because I realised I just dont need & will never use them.

My Red House/MUACosmetics
Mineral Matte Blush (Rose Bud & Hush Pink)
Dimensional Shadow (Blackened Jewel)
& Liquid Lustre (Goldie Luxe)

Like the other OnSugarettes, I got more stuffs but there were out-of-stock. I was a tad disappointed at first. Then i figured money saved anyway. The haul below makes up for it, even though you can never beat the price.

M.AC, Oh M.A.C! It's crazy what people can do just to get their hands on some M.A.C (me included!). I guess everyone would already know by now how crazy it was at the M.A.C Private Sale last Friday. I reached the EL office at about 8.15am with my friend, Sery (Shoutout: Thanks, babe, for the tickets. Appreciate it much!). The first person I recognised was Diana (AdoreBeauty) & Sarah (FacesBySarah). Little did I know there was already a loooooong queue formed (and still forming). But thanks to Dyan (IAmDyan), I managed to jump half the queue. No need for me to explain the situation once the door opens. Girls turned into piranhas.

Put aside all the dramas in that room, I walked out happy with my purchase. Did some damage -$166 to be exact- to my account, but it's not as crazy compared to the rest. The stuffs I got are..

All 3 Baroque Budoir Dazzleglassed (The Lap of Luxury -sister's-, Preciousness & d'Nouveau)
Baroque Budoir Lipsticks (Baroque Budoir & Treasured - wish i got 2 Treasured instead of the BB one.)
Dazzleglass Creme (My Favourite Pink)
Kohl Power Eye Pencil (Feline)
MSF (Cheeky Bronze)
Hocus Focus Colorful Face Kit
Nail Lacquer (Blissed Out -sister's)
Powder Blush (Notable -friend's)

And just to fill up the bag, I included Viva Glam Gaga & Ever Hip l/s from the Give Me Liberty of London collection that I got recently. Enough make-up hauling for now. I swear I am NOT gonna purchase anymore make-up within the next six months. Except for foundation, which is seriously running out right now. Imagine how much I would have saved if i wasnt so much of a make-up junkie.................


  1. It was nice to meet you, Fatinlove! The sale was crazy but fun, right? Haha!!

  2. @Mya: Nice to meet you too, Mya! I was actually quite surprised when you called out my name. hehee. :)

    @icefrost: Cant beat yours, babe! I just realised I mainly got lip products.

  3. Haha!! Why seh? You must be wondering who i was, right?

  4. because.. i didnt think anyone would recognise me because i've dont really post my pictures up? hahaha.. but somehow i know it was you when you came into the queue. :)

  5. Haha!! ;)