Monday, January 11, 2010

That 'Halal' Kiss

01 January 2010
Solemnisation at Masjid Sultan

This is a totally random post, but i thought i'll just post it up because i find this particular picture just exceptionally beautiful.

The Bride, she looks so beautiful that day. I was awed, really.
Especially since she's not the kind who puts on make-up every single day. I dont think she even owns a liquid foundation, until the day she gets engaged that is. So to see her fully made-up for this wonderful occasion is truly breathtaking.

i've always believed that when you're always wearing thick make-up, foundations and all that heavy eye make-up, people will get used to the way you look. and on that special day, you wont look any different. just the same you... on any other day.

So, i'm trying to 'cure' my face and put on less make-up. i'm trying to stay away from foundations on normal days even though i have massive imperfections right now. just because i wanna look special on my wedding day..
Seri Pengantin, the Malays call it.. :)


  1. That's what my mum says too. Try to put less make up so you'll look pretty on your wedding day. :)

  2. Exactly what I'm trying to achieve now! I'm opting for pressed powder, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm for everyday use.

  3. yeap, that's what my mum always remind me. and i'm trying to do just that!

  4. @ehtiffany, @xhilzahx, @frigikz:
    i guess that pretty much applies to us, Melayu(s) ehhh.. Our parents, or specifically moms & makcik-makcik kepo, always reminding us of the same thing just so that we'll have that 'Seri Pengantin' on our wedding day.. :)

  5. Then again, when we go somewhere eg friend's b'day bash at clubs, weddings etc, I just can't help it! Hehe...

  6. i guess on certain, special occasions, okaylahhh.. you know, because you wanna look good too. but on daily basis, i think we can all live without foundations. i just hope i dont scare my boyfriend away with my 'au naturel' look.. hahahaa!

  7. yes I agree about not putting on makeup everyday.. one of my sis friends she always wears makeup till her face is flawless comple with smokey eye and all.. she use to work in cosmetic line so it was ok for her to look like that on her wedding day the mak andam makeup was no different from her everday makeup.. in fact her skills is way better than the mak andam..

  8. awwww.. that's too bad. i bet she can make herself look more gorgeous compared to the mak andam's 'work of art'!!